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    • Those are a kid favorite however hard to do with a group since you have to have a lot of them. Better for a den or patrol camp out. We've got about six between our various families and they are fun to pull out for smaller groups.   You can do anything in them. Spray Pam is the easiest way to use along with some butter. Lots of pam, egg, sausage, and cheese and even that gluten free scout is happy. 
    • Whatever happened to "Clamp Pies", made in "Pie Irons"? Dessert:  buttered bread, canned (or home made) apple, cherry or peach filling. Lunch:  Ham and cheese , rye bread. Breakfast:  French Toast,  eggy bread and maple syrup and bacon bits.  Dinner?   https://www.countryliving.com/food-drinks/g4609/pie-iron-recipes/
    • @Cburkhardt  On this President's Day weekend, thank you for framing and initiating these different conversations about our hoped for better future. I am grateful for all the voices on this board and that we are all able to come together and have these varied and thoughtful discussions.  
    • Welcome to Scouter . com and thanks for all you do for your Scouts!
    • I'm always nervous about meals and cross contamination. We have no peanut allergies, I'm relieved to say, because I'd just be breaking out in panic attacks about having a child at risk at a campout 24/7. Even if we eradicate peanuts from our meal plan, other families show up with what they show up with, and kids are kids (messy & dirty especially camping). I'd have to have a leap of faith that the parents were managing it, but we'd adapt as best we could to accomadate. We have food service gloves and an actual bucket of serving utensils to try and keep that down, but then we have children and distracted adults serving so...  Ugh. I just don't know what I'd do. I think if I was a mother of a child with severe allergies I would write my pack off entirely. We're just too large, too chaotic, too many moving parts. But if a parent is zen enough to embrace us and prepared enough, then we could give it a shot. 
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