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    • This is the type of stuff that makes me think of giving up being a Scouter. When I have to expend more mental energy figuring out whether or not I'm following the ever increasingly complex rules than I expend thinking about programming... the cost/benefit ratio is way out of whack...
    • I've had Scouters try to jump through hoops before to get around G2SS rules by saying - we'll, if I do it and it's not really Scouting - is that OK.  My guess is that's what they are trying to get around.
    • I think I missed something when I took the course, because it really didn't impact me or my patrol.  I will always remember that at the cracker barrel after the game, the staff kept asking us if we were OK.  We were baffled why they were so concerned. But, having gone back as a staffer and then also talking to lots of folks, I do understand it.  I think it's unfortunate how it impacts people.  The core message I'm OK with - check the natural desire to personally win against the much larger benefit the group gains by succeeding together. A little I'm reminded about the Mike Rowe topic.  I see the Game of Life as kind like Wood Badge throwing an elbow.  It's unpleasant, but it makes a point and leaves a memory. 
    • I found this interesting (from section I): "One-on-one contact between adult leaders and youth members is prohibited both inside and outside of Scouting."   A literal reading of this would mean that I can never again babysit my scout nephew, even if it's not a scouting event.  Yikes.  (Of course an even more literal reading of this means my brother can no longer take his scout son to school while mom takes younger brother to daycare.)
    • Realistically I think the professional has been hearing a lot of "now that BSA allows _____, I am leaving" in the past few years and more recently. And he was pointing out that (at least to him) you sounded like another one. And IF you will only support the program so long as ___ does not change, then that is a condition.  Your past commitment is clear, but I think the comment was about FUTURE commitment to the program.   Honestly we all have some "condition" when we will no longer be involved or support almost any organization. Some people have the condition of "so long as I am still breathing I will be a scouter" Some have other conditions.  I would suggest you contemplate It (which you are doing by answering this thread) and then put the comment behind you.
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