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Scouting is a worldwide Movement with nearly 30 million members in 151 countries around the world.

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    • Sure.  I've decided that's perfectly fine for them to have thoguhtful, organized, dissent.  I'd much rather have some people breaking BSA rules in a safe, organized way.  What I'm suggesting is really not different from groups all over the country who organize protests and directly lobby people in positions of authority.    Let's be realistic too.  This troop publicly pushing the edge is way more likely to result in some sort of change than a strongly worded letter to you SE or national.  It's great to say - "you should make your case through official channels."  But remember, the squeaky wheel gets the grease. Finally - why do you really care if someone disobey's national.  I don't report to BSA national and other than accepting my $25 and registration, they're not in a position of authority over me.  Yes, I think that we should try to follow the program as best we can.  Yes, the health and safety guidelines in the G2SS provide me some guidance and cover in case something happens.  But, if we have a specific conscientious objection, we should make that objection heard, known, and seen.  Isn't that part of being a good leader?  If the BSA knows what this troop is doing and looks the other way, that's on national.
    • If you are Catholic, talk to your priest. If you are not, talk to your minister. Growing up this was not a problem. Usually we got home in time for me to take a nap and attend 5:00 Mass. If I over slept, I could go to a neighboring parish's later Masses. That was New Orleans. Heavily Catholic.  Now I am in an area where being Catholic will cause people to look at you crossed eyed at best, cursed out at worst. Next parish is approx 40 minutes away, and I do not think the Mass is offered anywhere in the evenings in my diocese. So I had a chat with my priest about it. I recommend you do the same.
    • Have you contacted your Council and asked for information on a wood badge course that does not run on Sunday? Perhaps no one knows that this is a problem or not a significant one.  
    • I have actually been postponing Wood Badge for two years because of this issue. It seems that all the WB courses within reasonable distance from me go two sessions, Thursday through Sunday. But as one who strives to observe the Sabbath day and thus avoid a somewhat secular activity on Sundays, this makes it difficult for me to justify missing two Sundays in order to take the course. I get a lot of grief over it from other leaders, even some light taunting (never becoming of a grown Scout leader), but I feel it's not a sacrifice I am willing to make. I do wish they would offer a course that didn't run Sundays in my area; I would take it in a heartbeat then.
    • Encouraging scouts to plan and experience more adventure will help develop not just outdoor ethics, but also outdoor safety. The more we encourage scouts to push to the next level the better. We do a disservice if we hold them back and only allow plop camping and disallow exploration and adventure. While boys are naturally curious and adventuresome, they also have innate fears which help them take small steps instead of too big, but only if it is they who do the planning and execution. IMO, the worst thing bsa has done in the last 20 years is not gays or girls it is the requirement of adults on all campouts and activities. 
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