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    • I love to hear about active well-rounded kids. I'm still a little confused about the rush. I'm assuming he advanced to 1st class at summer camp, so he's been active for about two months? So, he tells his SPL and SM that he has to suspend activity until December (excepting a couple of campouts), and has a scout in mind to fill in for Chaplin's Aide while he's out. He leads his team to the golden net championship. Then he returns just in time to plan out the troop Christmas party and prep everyone for Klindike derby. He knocks out a few MBs while being active through January, and qualifies far Star by Scout Sunday. That gives him time to achieve Life by August. One more soccer season, then Eagle by July. He's 13 now, he'll be fifteen then. Goal achieved.
    • She was an ASM at that point but part of the process.  She is upset because he has been much more active in the Ship than the troop.  Can't fault a kid for being active in scouting IMHO.
    • If she was the SM at the time of the election, then she had to approve his nomination.  That is part of the process.  If she did not approve it, but someone from the unit did so in her stead, then it is still an approval at this point.  Any contesting should have occurred at the time of the election.  Now as noted, if she approved him for being a candidate for election and since something might have occurred to be of concern, she should have gone to the OA leadership.  I am simply curious as to what we are not hearing in this situation.  
    • What is her reasoning on why he should not go through ordeal? I can't think of any valid reason, but would love to hear her thoughts
    • Should not.   He is going through ordeal.  He was voted on and tapped out earlier this year.
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