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Scouting Around the World

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Scouting is a worldwide Movement with nearly 30 million members in 151 countries around the world.

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    • I am going to make this story short.   Church/School gave the troop a room Decades ago and promised they could have it as long as they were there.  The school wants to utilize the room now so they Church/Scout/Scouts come up with a plan.  We have a garage that is connected to a house the Church owns (near the church/school) so the church/school "gave" the house to the scouts and secured the construction to fix the old house and bring it up to code.  finally after 2 years of off and on work we have our first meeting in it Wednesday.  I'll take some photo's for you guys.  Its top notch.
    • @KC4KEV welcome to scouter.com
    • No it does not.  Some Packs did get together to do bussing in the past but there was limited usage as many kids weren’t excited to spend 1.5 - 2 hours per day on a bus.  Plus if there was an issue on the interstate it could take much longer (in order to get to the camp you really need to take the only east/west interstate in the area and an accident can significantly impact the commute time).  The in town day camp ended up being a more successful solution.
    • Hello all, I just got started this past August with my oldest son just about to be Tiger. I was recommended to be the new Cubmaster and I'm looking for any tips, tricks and other info. I've been coaching for a few years and work with kids. We have a Tiger Den of 24 boys so we divide and conquer and are looking to have more tigers next year with a new school coming online. So if anyone has advice, please share.  I'm currently the Assistant Den Leader and on the Committee.  Thanks, Kevin   
    • We carved out and built a meeting area down behind the CO on their land, backs up to some houses.  Put in a bridge over a gully, assembly area with flagpoles and benches in meeting areas for patrols.  We hang lanterns for lighting.  You come down a hill to get to the area.  If one comes later pretty neat to look down and see the lanterns, Scouts running about.
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