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    • This seems worth noting (from the BSA announcement of the change):   "Once Scoutbook Lite is released, the Scoutbook database will become the official record of advancement for the BSA." Do they mean Scoutbook Lite, or is Lite a way into the sole and only official advancement record, Scoutbook?
    • I plan on getting a part time job as well, but in my state you basically need to be 16.
    • We do.  We have found that the church-owned camps offer more activity for the older scouts. Our Church is making a real effort to engage the older kids. There are several church-owned camps that are within our travel distance and budget. Many of my older scouts already have part-time jobs that pay a lot better than BSA. When they go to summer camp, they want a vacation ...not another job. 
    • We're no longer licensed to use Packmaster, and only the Arrow of Light den leader (who was also the advancement chair) entered anything last year.   No going back to it, which is why I created Excel sheets that duplicate the individual history report.  I've been taking those reports and manually entering the achievements into Internet Advancement, so that there's some kind of record for the boys.  One of our den leaders hasn't submitted anything at all this year, but just went out and bought all the belt loops and Wolf ranks and handed them out to his boys.  When I told him the ranks are usually done at Blue and Gold he said, "Blue and Gold is stupid." Sometimes it's tempting to throw the towel in.  We're slowly pulling things together, though.
    • Many BSA summer camps (ours included) have a high adventure program specifically targeted at older scouts who are not interested in earning merit badges. Very tempting activities like climbing, mountain biking, sailing, water skiing, etc. Minimum age 14 to participate.
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