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    • It's gonna be a long, long time....   
    • You miss the point (sorry....)  
    • Should the Scoutmaster be held to account for his lack of Scout Spirit and not following BSA guidelines ? Yes. Should the Scout accept the brunt of this man's vengeful behavior (and that is what it is, the Scout not bending to the SM's will) ? No. Should the parents of this Scout speak up for what they see as un-Scoutlike behavior ? Most definitely yes. And all the other parents. Should the COR and IH of the CO involved be apprised of all this ?  Yes. A long sit down and several cuppas are called for. Should the COR be involved? It is their noted responsibility.  Should the District Executive, the District Commissioner, the Council Scout Executive and the Advancement Chairs of Council and District be apprised?   Yes. Should a journal like documentation be made?  A very good idea.  Include other folks names and signatures.   I have great sympathy for these men's families, both the SM and the UC as described.  A Scoutmaster and Commissioner are supposed to be about the Scouts, not the Scoutmaster or Commissioner.    
    • Ironically, my go to person for getting action in this kind of situation is the District Commissioner (UC's director).  Like Fred, my experience is COR's aren't reliable in these things. Sure, keep them in the communication loop, but don't wait for them to act.  As for telling a parent their place of authority in a volunteer youth organization, the threat of litigation always levels the field.  Barry
    • I am with John on this. Our role as scouters should not be to "give the scouts a break from planning..."  Not sure what role the PLC would have since the planning, etc... IS their role. After that, it is the Patrol itself executing.  Comparison to summer camp only highlights the issues with many summer camps. As a recent transition from scout to scouter I would recommend reflection of your experience in the troop from top to bottom with the guiding question of "What were adults doing that could have been done by scouts?" I say this not to be critical, but as a means for constant improvement. I recommend this reflection to scouters often.    Oh, welcome to the forum!
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