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    • Insofar as I understand it, in Buddhism, if there is a "god", then you are it, or it is you, or both. https://www.learnreligions.com/gods-in-buddhism-449762 If you read through the eight beliefs of Buddhism, you will see they are in harmony with the Scout Oath and Scout Law. https://mysticalbee.com/beliefs-of-buddhism-religion/ And nothing in the DRP prevents you from claiming that you are the "god" you believe in. The Dalai Lama called his local pizza joint. When they asked him what he wanted, he said, "Make me one with everything." (Hope my tongue-in-cheek does not offend  ) Buddhists are not "atheists"...they are best described as "non-theists".
    • I think that most people realise that Scouting has accomplished great things, and can still positively influence thousands of young people.  Those same people acknowledge that bad things happened, too.  Blame is hard to place, and I think, that regardless of any safeguards put in place, bad things can take place anywhere and at anytime. I don't have any answers, but if those of us who believe in Scouting, love Scouting, and want to keep Scouting alive we all need to Scout On.  I would like to point out that some people who were abused during a Scouting event and are getting help from mental health professionals have been advised that it may be appropriate to participate in these litigious activities to aid them on their path.  Just food for thought.
    • Don't forget, we all fund 4-H, so it's not apples to apples on program costs.  Funding is through state budgets and taxes.  It is part of Cooperative Extension offices, likely at the County level in many states.  In Georgia it is run through the University System of Georgia This is an advisement from 2019 on budget cuts -  Those include a combined $4.7 million cut from the University of Georgia’s agricultural experiment stations, three research centers that teach farming techniques and management in Athens, Griffin and Tifton. The school’s cooperative extension service, which runs agricultural and 4-H programs, is penciled in for a cut of $4.4 million.
    • That's true.  We used to say the journey was more important than the destination.  Learning skills and developing character was more important than the success of the project or event.  Not anymore.  
    • Activities building up over a period of weeks towards a "big" event was once taught as a key to successful patrol  program - but not for decades.
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