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All about planning and going to Summer Camp

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    • I watched the video.  If you pause it as he goes by, I don't think there is any way his hand is at the level of her lower back.  She isn't that much shorter than him.  Her back should be mostly within the frame of the video and his hand is clearly below it.  We have no reason not to believe her.  We have several reasons to believe him (he is facing a year in jail for one).  We can discuss his guilt/innocence until we are blue in the face but that is for a court to decide.  As for the BSA, they don't have to wait until he is proven guilty or not.  They can look at the video and decide.  They may also decide it doesn't matter as this guy clearly thought in the moment that there wasn't something wrong with unwanted contact with a stranger.  That would be enough for me if I was in charge.   Now, lets reflect on how we are discussing this topic.  Would you react differently if this was your wife or your daughter? How would you react if this was one of your son's/daughter's leaders and they saw the video? 
    • I have stayed on the sidelines for this one, as this is a topic that is going to stir more passion than many we see here.  I has been debated on multiple scouting forums, and there is very little middle ground.  People either think he should be burned at the stake, or that this one (hopefully) lapse in judgement should not have lasting consequences. I agree that every situation deserves an objective look, but this quote jumped out at me.  In the case of scouts clowning around and smacking each other on the rear, yes, we discuss what is appropriate and hopefully it can be a teaching moment.  I deal with elementary school children all day, five days a week, and it is not unusual to have someone brought to me for putting hands on another child.  Even my kindergarten and first graders understand that there are limits and consequences for passing those limits. This was not a case of a child who does not know touching someone you do not know, (or even if you do know them, not without permission) is unacceptable.  Other than reading the first article, I have not followed this, so I do not know if there are any criminal charges pending.  If so, I would expect them to be pleaded down.  Regardless of anything that may or may not happen in the judicial system, I have to agree with BSA revoking membership.  Caught up in the moment or not, this showed a distinct lack of judgement.  I can only imagine the headlines if he were not removed should he get caught up in the moment and touch a scout, male or female, in the same manner.
    • You have misinterpreted this law.  Only a second "sexual battery" offense requires offender registration.   Aggravated sexual battery is a different charge. 
    • Well, maybe,but a Visionary is one who sees the big picture and understands where the little pieces fit to make the big picture reach the goal. I do understand the 10 great leaders theory and can’t disagree, but one good visionary can get most volunteers of mediocre abilities to be productive because they match their skills with specific program needs. I witnessed a visionary place a volunteer with basically no skills in a position that matched what little she had to offer. She earned the Silver Beaver for her noble effort in improving the district program. If just following the program and leadership structure was all it took to get units at the top of their game, most units would be there. But, the average volunteer can’t get their arms around the program today because it has grown to complicated.  The real crime here is as you say, those special people are just waiting to be asked. That is why I said find that one adult for the troop of 4 scouts, and that person will make it a great troop again. Just needs to be asked. Barry
    • I hope you're correct, among other thing for which I hope.
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