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    • There are many who still carry the flame... But, yes, when all the hearts die, the tradition dies, too...unless it is written and recorded.  It can be then resurrected.
    • If this Judge confirms plan how likely is the district court to confirm it?Al's the upcoming hearing could you explain what it's about.I tried looking it up but I'd have better luck reading Japanese.
    • I am just one simple player of tens of thousands headed to the sunset. And in which hearts will Tradition lie? And can "Tradition" go extinct when all the hearts which hold the Tradition die?
    • In high school, so many moons ago, like 56 years ago, a brilliant math teacher in presenting a proof on the chalk board, when it did not quite work out, would say: "The best laid plans of mice and men oft times go astray." I think National will likely taste the bitter edge of this aphorism. The "pre-loaded" plan failed. The vote failed (as most seem to think). Many of the tangential big players have not gotten "on board" (Catholics, some insurance companies, Methodists (it appears, more or less), Mormons abandoned ship, parents and their kids seem to be looking for something a bit less involved than a lesson in complex bankruptcy for a youth activity...and, at least me, a volunteer of 28 years, at virtually all levels of the council from cub unit, troop unit, district, and council, am exhausted by it all. I'll note one thing that frightens me regarding the future of Scouting:  I was a Cub, Arrow Of Light, Boy Scout, Eagle, local camp staff, Philmont Ranger Staff, father of 3 Eagles, held many Pack positions, Troop positions, District positions, Council Executive Board, District Award of Merit and Silver Beaver (and I am not in the race for Awards-for-adults; I wear only the Eagle knot that I earned). Of the 6 or 8 active adults in may Troop, only ONE had prior Scouting experience, and he an Eagle.  All the rest are non-scouting experience adults.  They are determined and really capable, but the "Tradition" is being lost. “May the Great Scoutmaster of all Scouts be with us until we meet again.” No one in my Troop has ever heard this or have any sense of what it means. Nor experienced the solemnity which settles on one's soul when said at a dying campfire, everyone holding hands. Scout Vespers. Lost. "Leave a campsite in better condition than you found it."  NADA. "Say what? Policing a campsite?  Never done. These are aspects of simple rituals which are calming, settling. They provide a sense of continuity and of belonging. An established routine. Scouts who do not advance as they might, STILL feel involved and have a sense of belonging to a group of their peers-they feel accepted.  Which I think is very important. The Tradition seems to be slipping away. Who are the adults who are inclined to lead Scouting into the future? I think that there are few adults now involved who have any experience in Scouting.
    • I have already attended that funeral twice...  Camp Linwood Hayne, Georgia-Carolina Council, and Treasure Island, Cradle of Liberty.
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