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    • Scouting is also an organization who hid/denied for 100 years a child sexual abuse problem. Revering/worshipping a movement who hid such data seems to be not well thought out. There was much more than a few bad actors, there was at least 7,500 individual abusers (according to the IV files). To whom should we direct our anger if not this organization who did so little to support us even when they knew we had been abused by their very own? 
    • This was posted 10 days ago.   https://www.ngumc.org/newsdetail/letter-from-bishop-and-scouting-coordinator-new-united-methodist-bsa-affiliation-agreement-16533299 Part of it includes this statement, so it seems they are tired of waiting on the lawsuit to be final,. The BSA Bankruptcy plan hasn’t yet been ruled on by the court, but is expected to be later this summer.  The Ad Hoc Committee and BSA believe that waiting for a court decision brings no additional benefit and that registering with the new agreement sooner gets us back to administering and growing the program sooner.
    • https://www.scouting.org/about/faq/question19/ The Guide to Advancement best elaborates on the MBC position - it is a Council approved position (some Councils may delegate District committees to facilitate approval). MBC is not a unit leader position, thus they are not intended to be a part of the unit outdoor program or unit committee. If an individual wishes to serve as both a MBC and in a unit position, two applications are needed, and yes, they would pay the registration fee for the unit level position. I do know some units will register adults as MBCs only to avoid paying fees- my former unit did this. There were 7 ASMs, but, really, only one because the other 6 were registered as MBCs. I don't agree with it being done, seems a bit of a break from the SL to me. 
    • I am wondering... What happens when a merit badge counselor (who didn't have to pay registration fees) wants to become an ASM as well?  MBC is a district/council position so how does that work if the MBC is a parent in a troop--would this MBC have to then pay fees to be dual-registered as an ASM for the troop?  Can this MBC serve as a Troop Committee Member and vote? How about a currently registered ASM signing on to also become a MBC so that he/she no longer has to pay registration fees at recharter?  Can that be done? Am I right to assume that adults who register for free as MBCs will not show up on the troop roster on Scoutbook?
    • It's June 30th and the UMC agreement that was supposed to be finalized a few weeks ago, and then the week after the June 16th webinar, and then again more than two weeks later, is still not out despite assurances it would be done by today. I wonder if, when the June 30th date was originally set, the participants assumed the lawsuit would be over by now? 
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