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    • It can be hard for folks who hang it up to watch other people in the job and not be critical. If the Scouts, their parents and the CC are happy with your husbands performance as SM, he should take the old cranky SM's opinions with a huge grain of salt. 
    • Rules to live by: 1) The work is done by whoever shows up.   Show up.  2) Train'em, trust'em, turn'em loose. 3) Ye canst not please everyone all the time.  You will have three possible "bosses".  Please these three and you will be doing good:        a) Your God, however you perceive him/her /it.          b)  .Someone, somewhere, sometime, will ALWAYS be telling you what to do. A teacher, your spouse, a traffic cop....  At what peril do you NOT please THEM ?             c)  The fellow who pays you for doing what you do to get paid.  Ethical?  Legal? Satisfying?  Fun?     
    • " Do what is right by the scouts, don't worry about the rest"  Advice given me by a truly old time Scouter when I because a DL back in '94.  
    • Yep. Hope it helps. It's been a lousy year. One thing I learned as a new SM is that there are lots more people complaining than helping. As a retired SM I learned that nobody really cared about my opinion so much as whether I helped.  As for your old SM swearing at the new SM, that's just an angry old guy that can't find a way to help. Don't let him bother you. Oh, and give yourself a raise of, say, 45%? Does that sound fair? 😀
    • My husband is a new scoutmaster who finished his first year.  He was an ASM for 5 years prior. An event was cancelled because of schedule conflicts and lack of volunteers, only one kid was signed up. My husband received two angry texts from the former scoutmasters this morning criticiizing him for it. Big picture, the Troop has made it through a rough pandemic year,  had many virtual meetings,  had some good outings and is developing two young leaders as SPL and ASPL.  Most of the troop is 14 and under, with two 16 year olds.  They have a good participation level overall and for summer camp.  So one event bombed but the troop is not in bad shape.   Thankfully there is a good CC and very good activities director and my husband is confused but does not feel bad.  He called to apologize to the former scoutmaster who cussed him out via text message.  I think I am just venting.   
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