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    • That’s patently absurd on its face. One could be doing charitable work, but also be compelled to, and need a separate funding stream to lobby for public policy. These days, charities that don’t have sufficiently strong lobbying arms might find themselves victims of laws being changed to, say, increase statutes of limitations for legal actions against them.
    • Some things ... Churches and schools have libraries that need catalogued. Historical societies have articles that need scanned and clipped. Nursing home residents who need someone to call them, or a talented scout to record a song and personal greeting to them.
    • Thank you for suggesting posting in the forums that solved it.    Literally. I posted in the forum and the problem went away. After months of trying repeatedly, including again just yesterday before I finally started asking about it. 🤷‍♀️
    • Measure distance between the lug holes in the spare wheel.  Go to Tractor Supply or Harbor Freight or equivalent and buy a looong square u-bolt  to match  the distance. Four nuts and four big fender washers to fit.  Decide on location on front or rear door of trailer, drill holes in wall/door. Reinforce with a piece of scrap lumber inside if deemed necessary. U-bolt thru wall, run first pair of washers/nuts down. seal with appropriate goo against water infiltration.  Mount spare, run second pair of washers/nuts down to hold.  If you are lucky, the u-bolt thread will match the wheel lug thread(ours did) and you can use extra lug nuts to hold spare on.  Total cost about $20.  Leaves tow bar empty of obstructions. Doesn't catch rain, promote rust.  Go to Action Auto, buy a cover for the spare, paint a smiley Scout face on it .  
    • even if it's just asking the simple question, "Have you ever thought of...?" And during this situation with Covid, where there are restrictions or opportunities that youth may not even comprehend, I think some adult input might be helpful. No one has ever lived through this before.   ^^^ this When I say my scout is a germophobe, I mean it.  Like getting him to go out at all this summer has been a chore.  I was looking for ideas that I could seed into his mind as safe, because he doesn't look at doing anything outside of the house as safe. For instance, weeding... that's a safe activity.  Now think about who could use this and then go pitch your mbc about it.  I want him to come up with a project that he feels safe doing, but a lot of the normal things our scouts do for this merit badge are not something he can/would feel safe doing. He knows he has to make calls to find out what an org might need. I'm not doing that for him.  He is hanging back out of fear/phobia.  I'm trying to find a way he can move forward safely and be that brave scout I know he can be.  I'm not going to pick his service hours place for him.  He has to do that.  If he would feel safer with me going with to help, I'd do that too. (I am horribly allergic to grass, but would suck it up for my scout).  
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