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    • I would venture that for different kids, the methods differ in importance. Adult association?  For the outgoing kid who is already comfortable going up to unfamiliar adults and talking with them -- this method is not so important.  For the timid kid, the chance to interact with friendly encouraging adults is invaluable -- to prepare them for when they need to talk to the department head at the high school, or the college interviewer, or . . . The uniform?  For some kids, it is no big deal.  For the kid (and this may especially important for some girls) who is extremely self-conscious about clothing and worried about not fitting in,  having a uniform gives the confidence that she is indeed wearing the right thing and does not need to worry about clothes.
    • This appears to only relate to employees: "These procedures relate to employee complaints." If this does cover volunteers and parents, then it should probably be referenced in the YPT.   Perhaps, but then a policy against retaliation only has value if parents and volunteers know of its existence.
    • I feel the same way as you do Shortridge. Do we tell a 16 year old scout that has drivers license that they can not drive there self to a merit badge university because the unit cannot supply 2 deep leadership to the event and there parents have to be at work.  No we do not.  I sure do not want  to be the one to tell the scout he cannot attend
    • My view is .... Personal growth  ---> Introducing new experiences.  Stretching comfort zones.  Opening eyes to broader, more challenging experiences.  Made up example --> Last year, we canoed for an afternoon on mild calm river water.  This year we are taking a two day overnight river trip.  Next year, we are spending a week canoeing the Lewis and Clark path.  Our goal is two years from now to do a white water Colorado river experience.   Leadership Development --> We structure the program for the scouts to experiment with leadership and for the adult scouters to back off into the shadows.   I absolutely view those as equal to the other six.  I guess comes from one's perspective.  
    • The ACTIVITY is the event itself - the summer camp, the camporee, the backpacking trip, the merit badge “college.” The activity is not the program session, the day hike, or the class. As long as we avoid one-on-one contact, we’re fine.   We do not need need a female registered leader 21+ sitting in every summer camp program session with a female Scout. Think of it this way: We don’t need a male registered leader 21+ present, so why should female Scouts require special babysitting and chaperoning? If that were the case, every female troop would have to have one female leader for every Scout attend camp just to make sure they can attend sessions. That is patently ridiculous.   EDIT: So very sorry about the giant font! I’m really not trying to yell!
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