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    • Yep, this is one of those situations where the UC could definitely help ... even if it's by showing up with a half-dozen frayed ropes asking, "Hey, since I saw that you learned this ..." Meanwhile pull the SM/ASM aside and ask if the girls told them their desired agenda for the next two meetings and next event. (In other words, ask what the adults learned from those SMC's.) Most of the Scout Rank requirements would be demonstrated in those 1st 15 minutes. So, that's when he needs to be there. If thinks aren't looking sharp, he could also drop that as a goal going forward. I would be slow to call out "high-speed low-drag" until I saw that scouts weren't remembering basic things like Oath, Law, square-knots, and their patrol yell.  
    • Agree with slowing down and enjoying the program. But there are some adults, and a few girls, who want to have or to be the first female Eagle Scout in their city, county, council, state, etc.
    • Update:  Meeting was approximately three hours.  Seven scouts, none above 13, two were Webelos that did not earn AOL.  UC did not see any Patrol voting or Patrol decisions occur but he arrived about 15 minutes late to the meeting.  He did have an interesting that three Scouts did not even have their handbooks at the meeting.  No flags to be seen and did not conduct a closing ceremony.  Have a Scoutmaster and one Assistant Scoutmaster.  Conferences lasted about five minutes each.  They were only instructed how to "Whip and fuse a rope" but did not actually do it due to having fire or flame inside the building.  I advised him to monitor the Troop and give advice as he is a former Scoutmaster of 10 years himself.  My advice would be slow down and enjoy the program and absorb as much as you can because it is over before you know it.  I'm not sure what the rush is all about. 
    • Looks like according to TAHAWK and BSA's Guide to Safe Scouting and our District and Council Executive, I was correct that Council should have been notified.
    • @Cubmaster Pete forgot to mention his CO is McDonalds....
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