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    • Unless things have changed since last year, you can't use electronic enrollment for crossing over Webelos to Scouts, which for our troop is the bulk of our new members.  How are you not using paper applications.
    • A few camps that are in my area offer regular weeks for boys troop and designate 1 or 2 as a Co-Ed week, other camps have no gender segregation
    • Our troop has a Tru-Trailers 2 axle trailer and we love it; It can be pulled by a light truck or SUV (Chevy Colorado, or similar) but it is generally pulled by a F-150 or Silverado 1500.
    • To be clear, I agree this is not a major issue.  However, IT infrastructure is the 21st century storefront of many businesses and organizations.   I would expect the BSA to create the IT software for councils and units to run efficiently.  If the fee is $5, it must be covered by $25 annual fee we pay GSUSA or the camp charge (which is competitive with BSA).  That said, I understand financial priorities have to me made and agree health forms are not the top priority. BSA has made some good progress on their IT investments over the last few years.  I never deal with paper youth applications anymore and the process has been great over the last 12 months.  We’ve been using Scoutbook, and while it can improve, the advancement sync is working flawlessly (I was pleasantly surprised the sync with ScoutNet seemed to be almost immediate  and it saved extra paperwork and a drive to the scout center). I would love to see future improvements in charter renewals, health forms and adult applications.  They should continue to see why Troops or Packs are using other IT packages than Scoutbook and help address the perceived gaps.  All are possible (and again, the BSA is making progress) and it would help improve the storefront while maximizing volunteer hours on activities instead of paper.  
    • We've had a few trailers over the years.  Off the top of my head, I can't think of the brands.  Looking around online, they look alot like the ones made by Haulmark. The pack had a single axel trailer with a side door.  I really liked the side door as it allowed us access to gear without having to open and close the rear door. The troop has two.  One is a small single axel - kind of like a small uhaul trailer  The other is a larger double axel - again with the side door.  We switch back and forth based on need.  We utilize trailers more than family cars because we also have access to a small bus.  This lets us load us the bus with Scouts & a few adults.  All gear fits in the trailer.  So, usually a trip is just the bus and a car or two.  This model has simplified our transportation coordination quite a bit.   I second the comment about having some budget to put in shelving.  For the first few years the pack trailer had no shelves.  They stored all their gear in the trailer and as a result, it was constantly a mess.  Shelves were a good upgrade. The troop trailers don't have much organization, but we use them more for need driven carrying of equipment and gear and so that contents are constantly changing.  The troop doesn't permanently store any gear in the trailer - we utilize storage at the CO for equipment.   The pack mitigated the theft concern by first buying a wheel lock.  Later we moved the trailer to a fenced in storage area where people stored boats and trailers.  Cost us a few hundred dollars a year - but it was well worth the peace of mind.   
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