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    • BSA is so caught up in its old view of what it is that it missed an historic opportunity this spring and summer  to recruit youth especially at the cub level. No other youth organization was as well positioned as this one to provide outdoor opportunities to youth. Instead it focused on online merit badges and zoom meetings. We were more worried about summer camps than summer fun. From family to socially distanced den and patrol hiking to birding to weather watching to insect and mammal study it could have had pre packaged programming that got kids and families outdoors in the backyards or in local parks. Instead of seeing national ads for abuse lawsuits we should have been seeing national ads on how kids and families could use scout programming to safely get outdoors.
    • I'm still here because the scouting movement is bigger than BSA.  The scouting movement exists in the hearts and minds of millions of scouts and scouters.  No bankruptcy court can take that away.  If BSA folds, we will still be here to keep the spirit of scouting alive.    
    • The whole Churchill Plan thing is symptomatic of BSA's continuing problems:  In the face of an existential crisis, it is asking ordinary business questions about how it can be more efficient and do a better job marketing and recruit more volunteers and continue operations on a tighter budget.  That lack of perspective is bad enough given the potential crippling outcome of the bankruptcy.  But the bankruptcy is not the existential crisis that BSA faces.  The real crisis is the devastating and ongoing loss of youth membership.  The number of youth members in Scouting programs affects everything, including BSA's ability to recover from the bankruptcy.  And because membership recruitment and retention is exclusively in the hands of units and unit volunteers, the membership crisis can only be solved at the unit level.  So, what is BSA doing about that?
    • I can see how you might think that had I made a reference to the previous post, but I did not.     my post was about Russian (and Chinese) efforts to divide the American populous as a whole.  But you obviously do not agree with that as a real threat.   , right.  Us intel community is clueless?  Your too smart to fall for it?  
    • @dkurtenbach BRAVO! I could not say it any better. @skeptic, where to begin. You are correct, we do NOT have all the facts and peripherals. BSA has a long history of no tranparency, from the council level all the way up. And their lack of communication to the rank and file adds to the fire. I do know how some pros work, and I can see pros at national trying to buck Mosby. Thankfully Mosby has all the power. And I do hope he wields it judiciously. I have seen SEs remove "troublemaking" volunteers, both from positions on the district and council levels, because they have questions and concerns about the program. In one instance, one longtime volutneer was placed int he Ineligible Volunteer Files not related to any wrongdoing., but for questioning financial discrepancies .As for the problems I see and are concerned about, I will keep harping on them to keep them at the forefront. From all the language in the document, it is only a stay of execution, not a pardon.  Some people are thinking it's a victory, when it is not. But I do hope and pray you are correct. @MattR good question. it's because I hope for the best, but am expecting the worse.The situation is like seeing your best friend spiraling out of control because of a drug addiction. You try to do everything to help them out, but it keeps getting worse and worse. I hope and pray that this bankruptcy will be like rehab, gets National clean and sober so they can get on and provide what is needed for our youth. Plus I got my sons and my Scouts to worry about.
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