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    • Okay, let's all step back a bit. When we start talking about liberals, Trump and Obama we're well past trying to come to agreement. The OP was about parents gaming the system to have their kid be the first female eagle. Here's a solution to that problem: Don't number the first 1000 female eagles. Oh, and call the parents on the obvious gaming.
    • It was under the Obama administration.  But that doesn't fit the naritive. 
    • Yes, I have. Most of my students/scouts are normal. This liberal culture of perceived victimhood and phony psycho-babble has really got out of hand. 
    • Well, I find all your self-righteous grandstanding sickening. Most of us hear have similar experiences as yours and most of us respond with similar reactions. You have no proof that any scouter here has acted or will act otherwise. But you use our posts out of context to express judgemental accusations on most of the forum list.  In your hypocrisy, you are see all scouts as amazingly wonderful, but not all scouters. This is a place where scouters have an open forum to express their thoughts on these subjects. But since many of the opinions aren't your opinions, you find the differences offensive. I hinted earlier that sometimes silence is the most powerful response to a post. But you can't help yourselves. Your emotions drive you to change us. I lost respect you guys because you have no respect or trust for anyone who thinks differently than you. You can't guilt me to change, I have too much of real life experiences with real life people balanced with religion and pragmatic sense to fall into your shallow utopian vision. Folks who know me know that the "My way of the highway" doesn't work for me. I'm open minded about new ideas and approaches. But at the same time, I know what works and what doesn't. If you want to change the goals, fine. But don't get angry with those of us who don't accept your idealist progressive vision. Just accept that we go our way, you go yours. Remember, scouting is local. You want heart tugging stories, I can pretty much match anyone here.  But if you think you are selling the better BSA, well you will have to contend with my real life experiences and the wisdom that was painfully forged from those experiences. We all want a civil discussion of looking at life from our different perspectives. But when we start ranking each others moral character by our words, well something has to be said.  Barry 
    • Agree that it is local and at more importantly at the unit level.  All else is window dressing. The divide (rift??) between National/Region/Council/District and the local units seems to be a might wider at times.  There is a lot of top down directives, etc.  Is the Council there to support the units or does the Council seem to think they are where it's at.  With our unit we seem to be fine with little interaction from the council.  Close to 100 Scouts, High adventure every year, 13 outings per year, 10+ Eagles achieved each year.  Our discussion has been how can we support Scouting locally outside the unit without the morass of the district and the council.  We have not been able to solve the conundrum.  As a note our unit does not attend the district camporees or council encampments.  Past years we did, but those were the least attended events.  The Scouts asked do we have to attend these?  The choice was theirs and we have moved on.  The Council Commissioner spoke with me on this, they asked why we did not attend such events.  I explained that the program offered at these was not engaging to our troop.  They wanted to know if we had tried to get involved and get it changed.  We had but the folks that ran the district ones were less than eager to look at changes.  So we went backpacking. Agree that the first question that should/needs to be asked at a BOR is are you having fun.  The rest is bonus material
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