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    • MattR, your comment regarding cheating resonates with me because these patterns of deception seem to become established when quite young (and perhaps they're innate, I don't know) but I see many examples of even older young people (not a typo) in my classes. And they seem to have a different understanding of what 'honesty' is from what I think and was taught.  You can see some of this in the way that so-called votes are given during these so-called talent shows after which text messages are used to tally the vote. Evidently it is common to allow multiple 'votes' from each 'voter' if they want to take the time and expense to do it. While I couldn't care less about what happens on one of those vapid wastes of time, the 'anything goes' idea seems to fix itself into their other activities as well. So I spend considerable time and effort in defeating these things when it comes time for assessment. And, once again, I suspect that if the monkeys were intelligent enough to engage in the same behavior, they would. My point, then, is that whatever we can do to give them the tools for making fewer risky or harmful decisions will make things much better in the long run. The Eagle father-to-be, I hope, will take his responsibilities as a father seriously and I also hope that his adult peers can offer help and support to make sure his mistake doesn't harm a person who had no choice whatsoever on how to enter this world.
    • Family scouting is all about the WHOLE FAMILY going on outings and activities together. So that moms and dads can spend more time together with their boys and girls in a scouting setting. -------------- Julie Anderson has been there. Like most parents, she laments not being able to spend enough quality time with her two children, Ian and Samantha. That’s why Anderson is such a fan of Family Scouting, the BSA’s push to welcome all members of the family into our life-changing movement. Do you crave more time with your children and less time bouncing between drop-offs and pickups? "She’s pumped to share the ways Family Scouting will appeal to moms and dads out there. It lets parents “take the whole family on outings and activities for scheduled fun family time,” she says." https://blog.scoutingmagazine.org/2018/06/08/as-bsa-welcomes-families-into-scouting-some-councils-are-adding-a-family-scouting-director/
    • A tarp can be configured to be an enclosed tent. But, you are correct about first time in Feb.  
    • Definitely a good idea.  We had a local Troop run a service project once where they colllected old camping gear from the scouting community.  These could be individually owned or old Troop equipment.  The scouts then setup and tested the equipment and donated the usable items to new or struggling Troops.   I thought this  as a great idea as there is a lot of equipment gathering dust.  
    • Well about 1/2 or fewer bring their own tents. Boys decide among themselves who's bringing whose tent. The "or fewer" is on account of older scouts who tend to be "tarpologists" or hammockers. I've encouraged this out of memories of being in college in the big city and wanting to "get out" but not having ever bought a tent of my own and suddenly on a tight budget, I had to rely on the generosity of strangers. Son #1 came into the troop with a family-size armory of canvas. He soon saved up for his own (or got it for a present, can't remember). Mrs. Q, would bargain hunt and garage sale. so our family was well stocked with the intention that our kids would be able to provide for their buddies. Other families were of similar ilk. And, most of us don't like to see gear sitting idle. I guess it depends on the culture of your community. The troop does have a small collection of lightweight models for boys who want to try a backpacking tent.
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