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    • That's why it's critical that the older scouts who have mastered these skills be allowed to instruct and sign off.  Scouts get quite enough of adults droning on and on at school.  "He who teaches, learns twice" 
    • I guess I'll add my hunch.  If the vote comes back as 95% approval ... I think we exit with the plan as voted on.  It may have minor changes, but I bet the judge will say ... the claimants clearly support the plan, who am I to refuse.  With 95%, it is likely most if not all council and major CO subgroups probably passed the plan.   I think many of these issues will become sticky the lower that vote percentage is.   
    • Agreed.  There are so many issues that could substantially change the final plan that I question why they are proceeding with the vote first.  I wonder if the judge has to determine if the plan has substantially changed thus requiring a new vote.  One would think: step 1 - Ensure claims are valid (or at least do some sort of minimal vetting) step 2 - Discovery to ensure full transparncy of costs, assets, etc. step 3 - finalize a disclosure statement & plan ... something that is 95 - 99% done and ready step 4 - vote on said plan step 5 - agree on vote outcome, minor changes to plan if needed, release from bankruptcy   It seems like we are: step 1 - create a decent outline of a plan/disclosure step 2 - vote on said plan step 3 - discovery step 4 - agree on vote outcome, major changes to plan step 5 - vet claims I really don't understand it, but perhaps that is how it is suppose to work.  No wonder bankruptcies seem to take forever.    
    • This is just my point.  The overall vote for the BSA is for an amount of money that the BSA, LCs, and others are to contribute.   If the a council is not released then they withdraw and the amount that was voted upon is no longer the same amount.  If several large councils or a large number of councils withdraw, then the total could be significantly smaller that would mean that the vote was for an amount that is far less.  That would seem to me to nullify the vote.   This process seems hopelessly flawed.
    • Yesterday the judge indicated that Century's objections will get pushed to confirmation BUT that as for Kosnoff and the other attorneys, Century will be attempting to depose them. So while we do not get a Mosby and Kosnoff witness testimony, I suspect we will see Century attempt to put them into depositions.
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