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    • I don't see the point in pushing through advancement requirements before BSA goes under.  What value will there be in having a uniform patch from a defunct organization?  It would be far better for the boys to just focus on having fun.  
    • Strictly speaking, it's not fantasy. I have friends who were Rhodesian, now Zimbabwean. Some live here, a few are still attempting to live in Zimbabwe or have moved to South Africa. Google what happened there. That is a model that some activists use when they talk about reparations. It might seem unlikely here but six months ago I would never have been able to envision what's going on in our cities today. Who knows what another six months will bring. 
    • Interesting - I read the actual Sun-Times article, and it attributes the quote to Ariel Atkins, 29, who is not identified as a BLM organizer   Where it is attributed to a BLM organizer is, The Sun, the Washington Times, the NY Post  which are all "strongly biased toward conservative causes" based on Media Bias/Fact Check.  And she obviously does not understand how reality works and is a fantasy land about how reparations work. 
    • This is a repugnant argument on its face as we know.  The very idea that businesses can afford it so I’ll get my share mocks rule of law and a binding social contract against chaos.  Some, of course, will inevitable and smugly point out that the social co tract has not been met.  That may be true in many general instances, but that is why legislative bodies, advocacy and the courts are there.     That is why education, self improvement, focus and cooperative attitudes have enabled so many other groups to rise in the continued face of discrimination and persecution.  Since violence and theft are personal crimes revoked and punished by every society since the dawn of humanity the establishment of laws to preserve the collective whole have a solid and lasting purpose.  Somehow, a vague notion of injustice in various aspects of American life seems to truncate personal crimes on unknown persons...especially if they have something you want.  Lawlessness is part of no social contract anymore than advocating rape, murder and arson.  I’m actually surprised his speech hadn’t landed him in jail.  Not all violent speech is protected. besides the philosophical part, I am fairly confident that Many insurance policies specifically exclude civil disturbance and riots.  So wiping out life savings and inventory I suppose justifies the vague sense of justice for a few beneficiaries unless they are sharing the loot among hundreds.  Once again, the specific violence rhetoric and actions, such as trying to burn officers trapped in a building, will undoubtedly be denounced and attributed to a few bad apples not representing the group as a whole.  Funny though...the instances keep coming.  
    • So, I find myself wondering how the lawyers at the core of this suit, the ones that most of us see for what they are, would respond to a concerted effort by interested legal parties to dig back into their families and drag out fifty year old family related bad acts or poor responses to them.  Just conjecture, and it is really not a Scout-like idea.  Still, I really detest their distortions and attitudes.  But they threw the first rocks.  
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