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    • What's in the past is in the past. Nothing will change the status of the paper Eagle. We had a similar situation in my council, we found out too late so the young mans Eagle status stood.  However, if there is proof the Scoutmaster is still doing this, the council can and should disqualify him from continuing. He is failing BSA's mission "to prepare young people to make ethical and moral choices over their lifetimes by instilling in them the values of the Scout Oath and Law." If they SE chooses not to take action they are failing the mission as well. 
    • I agree with you entirely.  The model (reasoning and justification) for contingency fees does not fit National's bankruptcy.  It seems to me that an attorney could file 500 claims and then do nothing-just let the big players duke it out and wait for a paycheck at the end.
    • We had this conversation at some length back when I was less gray-headed and had more stomach lining. I’ll briefly reiterate some of what I said then. My response and opinion to the contingent fee debated divides between the mass aggregators and the long-term (faithful and committed) child sexual abuse attorneys, including Tim Kosnoff. As complex as this case has become, if you have tens of thousand of clients simultaneously, the workload and per client out of pocket is relatively insignificant. Add to that the attorneys have attorneys and I find it even more troubling and egregious. That ethical muddle stands in stark contrast to bringing a single person personal injury case through trial, even one with great complexity. Add that to third party, front-loaded investment and I now have a big problem with 40%+ percent. As MYCVA has articulated, we now have non-attorney third parties in the mediation room, owning leverage beholden only to their interests, which are purely and exclusively financial. Several judges making commentators on mass tort funding believe this is a very, very serious problem. I agree. They’re the ones who came up with the third party/non-party language. Anyway, there are contingent fee cases as described, including class actions, then there is this mess. I have a different opinion about each, as described. Ditto. However, these cases/mass netting of clients did not involve a “big decision” for some (all?) in the pool of aggregators. I’ve noted that a number were approached with greenbacks extended even though they had zero experience in this arena and would get decimated standing on their own wobbly experiential legs. Zero experience. Zero to lose. Lots to gain. As an attorney, child sexual abuse victim claimant and citizen, this creates a distinction (for me). I don’t think we should ignore it in the name of defending ‘legitimate’ contingent fee engagements. I join you in defending the one, but I can’t pull that cloak of decency over the others. Sorry if that is judgmental or perceived as wrong. 
    • They said they are cutting one of the electives. I agree, too much book/classroom MBs. As a nerd, it was great/fine with me. But that isn't the program. The more Scouts is like school, the less Scouts we will have. They get enough school at school.
    • At some point today we should see an amended version of the disclosure statement that the BSA and parties were supposed to have been working on all weekend long. I HOPE it is "Red-lined" so we can see the exact changes made, but more likely it will simply be an amended version which means having to go line by line to see what changed.
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