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    • True.  Many can't afford it already.  The skyrocketing unemployment rate isn't going to make it any easier.  I don't know who these guys are trying to fool when they tell us that scouting families won't have any problem with the increase.
    • 'AWESOME! TOTALLY AWESOME!"  That sounds like a major project. Good luck to your son.  
    • Where I am at, an extremely rural area with the median household income for 4 is Approx $42K. A lot of folks can barely afford Scouting. And COVID is going to make it worse. On a Positive note, someone is listening,National gave us the price increase for this year 2 months before Round Ups start, and told us the 8-1-21 price and 8-1-22 price in advance,   @Cburkhardt, if you passed along my suggestiut folks can bon ot the powers that be, THANK YOU! The price increase will hurt, budget and prepare.
    • I have good news too.  My sons Eagle project was approved tonight.  The biggest issue they had with it is that it is ambitious and bigger than most 🙂  When in the video with the committee he said that he found this project and didn't want to build just a park bench he wants to build a park.  He is building a mountain biking slopestyle track at a local mountain biking non-profit.  Gotta love projects that include excavators and chain saws.  Just waiting for one more signature before they can start.  fingers crossed.
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