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    • Right? Same here. What happened to achievable goals?
    • That puts me and most of my Scouts out of the picture!ūüėĄ
    • The first unit the dropped (about 1 1/2 years ago)¬†was simply told "We are going in another direction". The rest of the units in the council were told the same earlier in the year.
    • I can‚Äôt even believe I‚Äôm about to say this ‚Ķ ‚Ķ make peace¬†with the electronics. The boys in my troop become singing fools when they start streaming¬†old-school pop tunes. I constantly remind them that I loath whatever the tech name is for their pathetic excuse¬†for a boom box,¬†but I‚Äôll abide it as long as I hear their voices rise above in passable melody.
    • For troops that want the benefits of scout growth from¬†patrol method, summer camp gives¬†the scouts the most growth of the year because of the intense outdoor program in the number of days forces scouts the habits of servant lifestyles. However, that growth requires older scouts to work along side the younger scouts. Young scouts learn by watching older scout mentors and older scout grow comes from mentoring (NOT Babysitting) the younger scouts. Troops with a program of older scout mentors working with younger scouts in a patrol method environment typically have a good attendance¬†of older scouts to their summer camp. A common comment from parents after summer camp is the troop brought home a more mature son then the one that left for camp. I say all that because summer camp should be a troop priority for scout growth and patrol unity. HA is also important for growth and opportunities, but should be secondary to the summer camp program. One last comment; I encourage troops to push high adventure to their whole troop, not just the younger ones. I realigned my thinking¬†when our 11 year old tenderfoot who had been racing bicycles for 3 years wasn't allowed to attend a biking HA trek. He knew more about bicycling than all the rest of the scouts added together and had more miles of riding than some adults have in cars. Of course physical and mental maturity are required for to match¬†the activities, but, there are many activities 11 and 12 year old scouts can do. The idea that only older scouts should do HA is one reason the BSA program as a whole is struggling. Troops should be adventure programs, not First Class advancement programs. The last thing a 14 year old scout wants to do is repeat their first three years of pushing young scouts to advance. Older scouts enjoy teaching and mentoring young scouts in adventure. Barry ¬†
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