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    • We used Ace bandages, triangle bandages, some splints, things like that.  Did not need gauze, band aids etc. Your course and mileage may vary by location, warranty not valid in CA, OH, and HI
    • The Autism Society of America is in a leadership transition.  Just saw this on FB.  https://www.autism-society.org/meet-our-new-ceo-a-letter-from-christopher-banks/?fbclid=IwAR1Z0ACpoTQ0mwddvQLR_TztmhlqLa0bBj9ThVWlOGgMKpkMrdtM5CCYkF8 FWIW, hired Nov. 15, assumed post Jan. 1.
    • I recommend this quick read: https://www.outdoors.org/articles/amc-outdoors/a-wilderness-first-aid-kit-checklist For the most part, it's a basic first aid kit you might bring on a day hike (adhesive bandages of different sizes, a few gauze pads, some antiseptic wipes, an ace bandage or two, a set of tweezers, something that can be used as a cravat, a small package of moleskin).  Probably items you already have in a home first aid kit.  Additions I'd recommend is a roll of athletic tape, a tube of cortisone/rash cream, and a SAM splint- these might be a few bucks, but I always carry mine on me.  Dollar General type stores might have these.  My kit is in a fanny-pack type pouch, and I sling it around my shoulder on hikes.  Doubtful they will use the materials on the course, it's more of a proof of concept that the participants understand situations they can find themselves in that might require having a kit that is a little different than a small personal kit like they put together for First Aid MB.   
    • When I took it we didn't need to bring anything.  I would have him talk to his Scoutmaster to see if he can borrow the unit's kit for the class.  I would also reach out to the instructor explaining the situation, most will just be bringing their unit med kits. Good on him for taking the initiative to take the class.  
    • My son is taking wilderness first aid in a few weeks.  He wants to do this for his own knowledge, he's not doing any high adventure.  He has to bring a wilderness first aid kit with him.  I'm wondering what he will do with it in class and how thorough it needs to be?  Will he be using his supplies in the class?  We've got several first aid kits and I could combine them and probably make a decent size kit, more than enough gauze and misc. but he wouldn't have things like a tourniquet.  The class isn't cheap.  I don't really want to go out and buy a bunch of expensive stuff we are likely to never use but I also don't want him to be embarrassed if he doesn't have something he needs.  I need some input from anyone that has advice.  Of course the troop has a nice big kit with lots of goodies but this is not a troop function.  Thank you.
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