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    • RS, excellent point.  Here's my hunch.  Mr. Mosby graciously declined the CSE title to help assuage the tsunami of hurt feelings that is no doubt percolating through the "commissioned BSA professional" corps as we speak.  Some gold loopers knew it was potentially "their turn" to be in the running for the CSE job.  Not only were they passed over, their whole world is about to change.
    • Yup.  Even kids are capable of calling "Bullshit" when they see a rules list that claims "safety requirements" say that a 12 year old can't put some shredded bark in the 4 wheeled wagon red ryder wagon they got as a 4 year old  and pull it down a path.
    • Well said.  Mr. Mosby should not lose much sleep over missing those classes.  After all, the "commissioned BSA professionals"--who had the required training--have been at the helm until now, and they have chartered our organization into dismal waters.   Societal changes and other external factors cannot be solely blamed. 
    • Huh? He is listed as CEO and President  in that article and according to the latest Charter and ByLaws , Article IV, Section 2  Corporate Officers Clause 1. The officers of the Corporation shall be the following employees: President, who shall be the Chief Scout Executive and Chief Executive Officer; Treasurer, who shall be the Chief Financial Officer; and Secretary, who shall be the General Counsel. CHIEF SCOUT EXECUTIVE Clause 2. The Chief Scout Executive shall be appointed by and shall serve at the pleasure of the Executive Board and shall serve as the chief executive officer of the Corporation. The Chief Scout Executive shall be a voting member of the Executive Committee, Co-Chair of the National Leadership Council, and an ex officio nonvoting member of all other committees except the Governance and Nominating Committee, where the Chief Scout Executive shall serve as staff advisor. The Chief Scout Executive shall not serve after attaining the age of 65 years.
    • This statement in the article caught my eye:  "Unlike his predecessors at the National Council of the Boy Scouts of America, Mosby’s title is not Chief Scout Executive. That title is reserved for commissioned BSA professionals — that is, full-time employees of the BSA who have undergone the required amount of training."  (Emphasis added.) So, are they suggesting he is untrained or under-trained?  Or that he's not worthy to bear the "reserved" title of Chief Scout Executive?
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