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    • Our pack has had good attendance. We had 1 pack meeting which was a get to know you again type meeting and show and tell. Since them we broke into dens. Both our Webelos and Bears were missing only 1 scout. How are you reaching out to the families? For us, emails don't work well. Not many parents check on a regular basis. We text the parents. We are small enough that it works. I think den meetings seem better.
    • Our CO is elderly, so scouts' use of the church at this time was a non-starter. I was inclined to disagree because I felt the boys could meet at least to help disinfect the church. But, since I was busy helping my own church negotiate this time, I felt in no position to add another discussion to the mix. It's taken two and a half months for the boys to really start interacting online. Hopefully we'll get in a few outdoor activities.
    • At the camp meeting for unit leaders they did make it sound like it was a go, but added at the end that still needs state approval. Yesterdays meeting had a different vibe, but they are still planning on it happening. We are a unit that was already scheduled to go there so we are still moving forward with fingers crossed.
    • I am involved in a pack, and a troop, and am registered as a merit-badge counselor. For the pack, we've had a few virtual meetings in place of our previously-scheduled pack meetings. The cubmaster played a silent YouTube video of a waving flag while someone said the Pledge of Allegiance, Scout Oath, and Scout Law as opening exercises, then we  did a discussion of some topic (giving each Cub Scout a chance to speak) or played some sort of guessing-game. We also opened the floor for any Cub Scout to "present" anything required by any Adventure, but no one took that opportunity yet. It seems like participation is similar to what you experienced... fewer than 10 Cub Scouts attending out of over 40 registered and probably between 20 and 30 attending our last in-person meeting. For the troop, we took a break of a couple weeks but then settled into having weekly meetings again in our usual time-slot.  An adult starts the meeting. The SPL calls people to order, turns the time over to the Scoutmaster for announcements, then introduces the main question/topic, and leads the discussion or practice, assisted by the adults as needed. On our scheduled Committee days, the boys are dismissed at a certain time, and the Committee convenes on the same call afterward. So far we haven't had all the boys on the call at the same time, but every boy in the troop has joined during at least one meeting. I also ran a "virtual" Merit Badge class organized by the local Council. I had Scouts from all over the State, and three from out-of-state. Once Scout's parent wrote me before the first meeting to inform me that their Scoutmaster had not approved their Scout's participation, and two others dropped out after the second meeting, bu most of the Scouts stuck with it through seven meetings, did the homework, and earned the badge. So for Scouts BSA and older, virtual meetings absolutely can work. For a Pack, they're one part of "do your best", but it's also important for your den leaders to check in with parents individually and understand their family situations. And I think the early resumption of in-person den/patrol activities, at least, is important. Formally, I've voiced my opinion that the C.O.R. of each unit I'm in should encourage the District to encourage the Council to allow at least limited in-person meetings again. The troop's C.O. is a church, and the Pastor never cancelled his services; so I think there's some agreement there. The pack's C.O. is the school "Parent Council", and the school took a long Spring Break and then pivoted to a little over a month of purely-virtual instruction, so any in-person meetings before the fall are very unlikely, and even in the fall itself there's some uncertainty.
    • And we are back on topic! Nicely done @dkurtenbach among others.
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