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    • I would have said yes on that, but it is technically not a "Den" event.  We invite Webelos from the two feeder packs at the CO, and from other packs that may be interested in our troop or are looking to complete the requirements for AOL.  Sort of a grey area, as the Webelos have to bring a parent (or adult partner) with them, they tent with that person and they are responsible for transportation. The visitors do participate in activities with the troop, so likely by rules of G2SS we may in fact need to have a female, or not allow girls to come unless they bring their own registered female leader.  A requirement not needed for the boys, so again we the front line units are sort of left holding the bag so to speak and possibly being the bad guy.
    • Yes, but then the Webelos Den should supply such. It is their requirement to have one, not yours.    
    • Can you show me where it states that troops are responsible for providing adequate YPT coverage for individuals that are not members of their unit? You appear to be reading into a requirement not stated. Well, I would not deem it your "problem" but I would think you both have a DUTY and a DESIRE to not allow it to continue so reporting it is definitely your "problem." Funny, in such a situation I would be THANKFUL that I witnessed such an issue and that I could report it. I would be pleased to know that I just might have prevented the abuse of a child. Thinking of it as a problem would be farthest from my mind.
    • Welcome! And thanks in advance for your service to the boys (and girls?)!
    • A new term trotted out (must have been included in some talking points as I heard the term from or local SE when he and I discussed the October announcement) that in my opinion is aimed at marginalizing any type of unhappiness with the changes.  In essence they are saying you are only a "conditional" scouter if your continued membership and support is there only if conditions do not change from when you joined or got involved in scouting. That is a very poor term and assignment, because essentially everything we do in life is "conditional".  My company has hired me to do a job, I continue to work within my experience and that I can bring value.  If my employer changes those conditions, I may leave.  My wife and I got married, the assumed condition was monogamy (what being protestant and all), I am fairly certain if one of us changed that "condition" then the we might rightfully leave the marriage. BSA has changed the conditions of the specific program I volunteer for and support.  I am free to make my decisions with regard to ongoing support.
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