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    • welcome... and I LOVE that your pack is chartered to a Moose Lodge.  I wish more fraternal organizations would act as COs for units... Moose / BOP Elks / Eagles / VFW.... whatever... IMHO it does BSA good to get more diverse, civic based COs in the organization. All the best - Dean
    • If this is INDEED the spirit of the rule.... then you should have to have ONE adult female for every ONE girl.  If a co-ed / parallel / independent BSA4G Troop goes to summer camp with 5 girls... then they must ALL do EVERY activity AT THE SAME TIME ?!?!? Because otherwise, if they are broken into a group of 3 buddies and 2 buddies.... you have to have an adult female with group 1 and one with group 2 EVERYWHERE they go? WOW - how have these boys successfully used the buddy system to go to the bathroom, the showers, their classes, to free swim, to the ranges and to the trading post all these years at camp without being molested by all the ravenous, rapy adult males that must overwhelm the trustworthy male adults in attendance ? (that was sarcasm BTW....) "If they are absent when something happens then what was the point to send one along at all?" - so is it better if they ARE present when something happens?  How about we have rules that minimize something happening in the first place ?!?!?  Somehow, having lady parts now automatically increases an adult leader's trustworthiness and integrity?  Because if there are two males and one does something inappropriate.... the other male is less likely to uphold the standard than a female? Absurd. We can see the grain in the bark on the tree... but we have completely lost the forest - if this is indeed the interpretation of the rule.
    • I believe so. Otherwise, what is the point of requiring a YPT registered female if they can't be counted on to be around at all times? If they are absent when something happens then what was the point to send one along at all?   Because no girl troops currently exist. The ONLY way to complete the current requirement is to visit an all-boy troop.
    • In our pack 60% of the girls that are joining come from families that did not have sons in the pack.  Just one data point.  I do think sisters will account for a lot, but I also see former Boy Scouts who only had daughters start to come back to the program. I still concur that there will be a volunteer shortage and why many linked Troops will act as coed.
    • What is an unconditional scouter? Unconditional means, simply, without conditions. Without rules. Without expectations.  All our relationships, even our relationship with scouting, have conditions attached.  Married couples all rules of their relationship. There are limits. No healthy relationship is unconditional. There is a mental rule book for their relationship. That way, both partners know the parameters and the conditions by which the relationship will remain intact and healthy.  When you’re feeling hurt, angry or confused in your relationship, it’s often because you feel one or more conditions of the relationship have been violated by your partner.
      Any man or woman demanding that their spouse show them unconditional loyalty and love, is most likely up to no good and is most likely a monster.
      Any organization that demands unconditional loyalty, is ether up to no good or is a cult.
      People that make fun of or bully scouters for having conditions (rules and expectations that we signed up for) in order to continue to be scouters are not people I want to be around The scout law and the scout oath are a LIST OF CONDITIONS we try to live by to be scout like. If a troop is not living by the oath and law, and there is no way to turn it around, the scouts should leave, all scouts should be conditional scouts.   
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