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    • Refer to my post from 1/23/19 @ 6:04a.m. in which I supplied the relevant information from GTSS. I realize your opinion is not the "official word of BSA" which is why I supplied the information to correct your incorrect opinion.
    • My daughter is not selling Lemon UPs yet... just the standard faire.  However, this is the last year we are selling Thanks a Lots. I will say selling GS cookies door to door is 100000000x more pleasurable than Boy Scout popcorn.   People open the door before you even ring the bell.  It was a cold day and snowing and we were invited into homes.  The discussion was never if they were going to buy... just how much and what they think their doctor would allow.  (Not kidding)
      BS popcorn... as my son and I would walk up, lights are turned off, doors are locked.  When they make the mistake of opening their the door (perhaps they have poor eyesight and think it is a Girl Scout) I see the pained look and the desperate face of how much is this going to cost.   The $10 tin is typically purchased and I know they are thinking that is two boxes worth of thin mints. We need new product.   Hey, weed is becoming legal almost everywhere.
    • My experience suggests that this was more common to do when districts were smaller and Eagle applications -- especially at age 17.9 -- were rarer. Then, registration constituted a handshake by the district commissioner, and an "until death do we part" phone list. Our council advancement chair does tell us that applications are flagged when the counselor has the same last name as the scout for too many MBs. Having MBCs registered is quite new, and the purpose of registration is for background checks, not Eagle applications. The "gate" for scouts is supposed to happen at the time of issuing the card. But even then, the GTA has allowed the scout flexibility to use an MBC other than the one suggested by the SM. And, until now, a scout has not had a good way of checking if an MBC is registered and YPT current. Most MBCs don't even know that they can check their own registration ... they might not even know about Scoutbook. So, in this case, there is no way of telling which counselor the prior SM or advancement chair suggested for each of these badges, no way of knowing if this counselor was registered and the paperwork got lost, no way of knowing if this person counseled any other scouts. The only actions are to 1) call the counselor, and 2) let the scout know that strangers on the Internet think his blue cards for these badges will get his Eagle application flagged. The scout needs a do-over. It's that simple.
    • DId you approve that this person was to be the MBC before work began?  Sorry if you already answered this - but I missed it. I'm not sure the technical reason about why an unregistered MBC cannot sign off on merit badges.  I agree that having someone not qualified to sign off make absolutely no sense - but I'm not aware if there is really any check on this.  If there were, I have to imagine that many Eagle applications would be returned due to all the council mistakes about getting folks registered.
    • You and I agree here.  I'm not suggesting more rules.  The BSA rules are more than enough. I'm just stating that the SM be clear that he/she is enforcing rules.  We have a tendency in Scouting to let rules side.  We do this for lots of reasons - but the net effect in many units it that the rules are not followed.  If you've not been enforcing rules, it's a little much so that that paragraph 4 of section 3.2 of the guide to advancement says something.  So, before you're going to start pulling out rule books, you've got to be clear that this is the standard.
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