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  1. Betrayal

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    • Good news in New York where a Boy Scout was ready to help deliver his new baby brother...
      https://www.ny1.com/nyc/all-boroughs/news/2019/09/18/boy-scout-helps-deliver-mothers-baby-brother-queens-new-york-city Interesting!  That's one emergency case that I never recall being part of any First Aid class in scouting.
    • Another stolen Boy Scout trailer was recovered, this one parked behind a house where thieves were in the process of repainting it.  Interestingly, the trailer still held the scouts' camping equipment, and some "extras"....namely meth paraphernalia.   Sounds like Walter White may have moved on from using RVs. Story:  https://www.mansfieldnewsjournal.com/story/news/2019/09/17/boy-scout-trailer-recovered-galion-no-arrests-made-yet/2354081001/   
    • That is an elective is listed below, the core requirements call for understanding how to plot a course with a compass, ruler, and charts and make a dead reckoning table.: Celestial Navigation:   i) Explain how the sextant works. Show how to use it and demonstrate measuring horizontal angles and altitudes.   ii) Find latitude by the altitude of Polaris or by the sun’s altitude at local apparent noon. Demonstrate how longitude is determined.   iii) Demonstrate finding error in the boat’s compass by the sun’s azimuth.
    • I think it might be useful at this point to review the purposes of the Uniform Method as set out by BSA in the Guide to Awards and Insignia, page 5, https://filestore.scouting.org/filestore/pdf/33066/33066_Official_Policy_WEB.pdf.  I have highlighted in bold each unique statement of purpose of the uniform (selecting what I think is the best statement, where it appears more than once) and added a number in brackets to each distinct purpose: OFFICIAL POLICY
      The Boy Scouts of America has always been a uniformed body. Its uniforms [1] help to create a sense of belonging. They [2] symbolize character development, leadership, citizenship training,
      and personal fitness. Wearing a uniform gives youth and adult members a sense of identification and commitment. Personal equality.  The uniform [3] represents a democratic idea of equality,  [4] bringing people of different racial, economic, religious, national, ethnic, political, and geographic backgrounds
      together in the Scouting tradition. Identification. The uniform [5] identifies youth and adult members of the Boy Scouts of America, [6] visible as a force for good in the community.  When properly and smartly worn, the uniform
      [7] can build good unit spirit. When worn on the correct occasions, it [8] can attract new members.   Achievement. The [9] uniform shows the wearer’s activity, responsibility, and achievement. What each youth or adult member has accomplished with program opportunities can be recognized
      by the insignia worn on the uniform. Personal commitment. The uniform is [10] a constant reminder to all Cub Scouts, Scouts, Venturers, Sea Scouts, and adults of their commitment to the ideals and purpose of the Boy Scouts of America. The uniform is a way of making visible members’ commitment to a belief in God, loyalty to country, and helping others at all times. While wearing the uniform is not mandatory, it is highly encouraged. The leaders of Scouting — both volunteer and professional — promote the wearing of the correct complete uniform on all suitable occasions. To summarize, BSA states that the Scout uniform --  Helps to create a sense of belonging; Symbolizes character development, citizenship training, and personal fitness; Represents a democratic idea of equality; Brings people of different backgrounds together in the Scouting tradition; Identifies youth and adult members of the Boy Scouts of America; Provides visibility to Scouting as a force for good in the community; Can build good unit spirit; Can attract new members; Shows the wearer's activity, responsibility, and achievement; Serves as a constant reminder to all Scouts, Venturers, and adults of their commitment to the ideals and purpose of the Boy Scouts of America.
    • @Jlplemon, welcome as well.  There’s a professional at Council who is the OA staff adviser. Talk to him. 🙂
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