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    • Even when we forgive, there are still consequences.
    • This is my take too.  That he could have a impulse to swat a female he doesn't know on the bottom certainly suggests that he has some inappropriate views towards women. What gets lost here is the enormity of what he did.  Cat calls, sexist remarks, swats on the rear end.  Yes, the physical impact is minor - but what they mean is the big deal.  That this man felt so empowered to assert himself on this woman is the big deal.  Any offense of this magnitude needs some response beyond "it's okay because he said sorry."  
    • I'm neither condoning the behavior nor condemning the BSA's actions.  I'm just saying for the rest of us "Let he who is without sin cast the first stone."
    • Fix venturing? That would entail: - Allowing youth to meet independent of adults - Removing the distinction in applications between youth and adult participant - Limiting registration fee to the less than the cost of a campout or two large pizzas, whichever is lower. - Renaming awards Star Venturer, Life Venturer, and Eagle Venturer. Or, at least insist NESA extend its mission to support Venturing's highest award. In other words roll back everything that BSA has done to venturing in the past 10 years (except the One Oath Initiative, that actually kinda worked).
    • Depends what the lapse is.  There is a ton of vagueness in your comment.   And I have concerns, with this individuals background that this could be either more than just a lapse, but a bell ringer that he should have nothing to do with youth or the female sex.   His actions are both an indicator of what his sense of right/wrong is as well as what he things is ok behavior.   And it is not behavior that should be anywhere scouts- Male or female scouts. 
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