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    • You lost me here. What does this have to do with the gender of the parent?  BSA doesn't have a retaliation policy. This is true regardless of the gender of the person with the grievance.
    • Oops, when I said CO, I meant CE (council executive).
    • This accurately summarizes my concern. I wanted the Council or District to send a statement to the offending troop and the indirectly to the community that retaliation by social pressure (true in this case) or by other means that disadvantage the participation of scouts are not to be tolerated.  The Council is free to adjudicate what is bona fide retaliation and what is reporting in good faith after the complaint reached them.  What I as a parent in 2017 did not have was a BSA statement stating the community standard of non- retaliation so I can take it to the "key three" and put them in notice myself or bring it to the Charter's membership. Instead, the Council's staff swiftly declared that the Charter committed no wrong doing in treating the suicidalily report of a parent in the manner they did.  He refused to grant me any additional meeting on behalf of the parent who brought forward the concerns. I called the BSA hotline and they insisted I talk to the CO who said that his staff said the case is closed and refused to meet with me.  Finally after another debacle where 90% of the troop leaders left the Charter over other problems and formed a new troop and evidence emerged that the Charter ran into problem with the State did the CO and Commissioner granted me a meeting. There, it appeared they saw for the first time the BSA incident report form that I made one year ago that was buried by the staff. The mother who brought forward the suicidal issue to the key three was present and so was the mother of the child who had the suicidal issue.  All were there to attest to the bad practices that lead to kids being in distress. Yet none of them got an answer as to the retaliatory and punitive handling of the original report was wrong. All I asked was a statement that retaliation in general is unacceptable in the context of YPP and a finding that the two mothers should get an apology. If the Charter would not apologize, I asked for a mediated meeting with the key three to address my concern. The CO would not grant a mediated meeting but chose to deal with the matter with the offending troop leader in private. Case closed. This is unacceptable and so far off from scouting aspiration and values. I am disappointed that BSA is a society of men and we do not treat women this way. These are mothers who tried to take care of their children, and any wrong to them should be recognized and fixed (not monetarily or legally but in scouting spirit). What I got instead is well the BSA does not have a no retaliation policy so there is no jurisdiction for the Council to have a say. Whatever happened is nobody business. The offending troop leader appears to continue to operate without impunity.   In YPP appearance matters, credibility and confidence matter. A clear statement of community standard is needed!    
    • Especially since both use a decentralized organizational structure, you’d think they would have thought more about how going after local unit and volunteer actions could come back to bite them. Frankly baffling.
    • My daughter's are girl scouts and I wish the GSUSA all the success in the world.   But given how part of the GSUSA lawsuit specifically focused on the actions of individual local units, their comment seems remarkably hypocritical.  Ugh - I just wish this had not stooped to the level of lawsuits.      
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