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    • I’m disconnecting my phone and gonna go hide 
    • And I have to imagine that the spectre of bankruptcy isn't helping either.
    • As I mentioned earlier, most of my MB's are for scouts in my own troop, so we have been associating with each other all along the way.  I am also our district roundtable commissioner, and we offer MB's at most of our roundtables.  Tonight was session #3 of 4 for a group working on Citizenship in the Community.  The counselor has spent years developing the civics program taught in our state (I asked one of the scouts after session #1 how he liked it - he replied 'Man, that guy really knows his stuff!'  He will end up not only earning the MB, but I am sure will benefit in the classroom as well. I had a group of scouts who spent the evening in a great discussion as a part of Scouting Heritage MB.  Several were so into scouting history that they stayed for almost an extra hour going through the large collection of uniforms, insignia, and books that I brought with me.  Plenty of adult association going on. Yes, there are the ones who feel that they have everything done ahead of time, and just want a signature, but I often find that they are not a 'complete' as they may think they are.  In my Scouting Heritage group this evening, as we talked about the evolution of the BSA, I asked each of them how long we have had young ladies in scouting.  Each of them had the same answer, less than a year.  (Venturing is not big in our district, we currently have one chartered crew, and most folks do not realize they exist)  Imagine the look on their faces to learn that girls have been a part of our program since Exploring went co-ed 50 years ago!  Even the scout who does not think he needs more than a pen and blue card will usually leave having learned something new by the time we finish meeting.
    • The delay maybe be from insurance pricing.  Unless BSA is self-insured, we may be unable to get liability insurance in the future. If you were an insurance underwriter for BSA, how much uncertainty would be in your cost algorithms right now?  If the liability costs of having men and boys in the woods has ballooned to what the lawyers have trolled up, what are the future costs of having girls in the troops with the 'Me Too!' movement?
    • I also prefer to spend time with the scout, and it is rare for it to be just a hand me the blue card and get signed off, typically at least two and sometimes 3 or more meetings take place.  That being said, I am in a district that has a plethora of MB counselors, so most of the scouts I work with are in my own troop.  When they come to me for hiking, camping, cooking, etc., I have already been working with them all along.  We have spent time during and after a backpacking trek discussing the ins and outs of the MB, ie - you have packed these same items on multiple trips; have you ever actually used them?  If not, do you really need to be carrying the extra weight?  Does every individual need to carry their own stove, or can several scouts share one, and cut down a little more on the weight?  You may think that dropping a tent in favor of a hammock lightens your load, but have you compared the weight of your single person tent to the weight of the hammock, tree straps, under quilt, bug netting, rain fly, all put together? We also offer MB's at our district roundtables, and the scouts who attend those session know that they will be very thorough and complete.  They also know that we do not sign a blue card just for being in the room.  Everyone participates.  I a requirement says 'discuss with your counselor' everyone contributes.  We just got home from roundtable, where I (as roundtable commissioner) had a Citizenship in the Community counselor conducting session 3 of 4, with one of the members of our county council speaking to and being questioned by the scouts.  In another room I had a group of scouts working on Scouting Heritage, where we had a robust and free wheeling discussion of the history and development of scouting worldwide and here in the U.S..  I will admit to being surprised when one of the scouts at roundtable asked me about having Animation MB offered; I responded that I would find a counselor and set it up.  I was quite surprised to find that our district only has one registered Animation counselor - Me!  We ended up with half a dozen scout earning the MB, and producing some really impressive animations!
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