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    • Since Scout Spirit is how the scout lives within the parameters of the tenets of Scouting, a general discussion with them regarding how they see themselves doing that would cover it.  On the other hand, if the particular scout has had some issues that you feel need to have their attention and have room for improvement you might lead the discussion towards that.  Most importantly, try to let the scout lead the discussion as much as possible, being sure that you understand their thoughts and responding positively or on occasion with a suggestion as to how they might do something differently or succinctly.  Try to keep it positive no matter what.  
    • I read the topic a few times.  At that point, I don't see a reason to let tell this person to leave the pack. What I see going on here is a fellow who feels empowered to do what he wants to. In this case, I would encourage you to assert yourself more forcefully.  If he starts to counteract what we're saying as CM, simply let the guy talk, thank him for his comment, and then do what you were going to do anyways. Thanks Bob for your comment.  Yes, as I was saying the Scouts need to wear their uniform to the flag ceremony. I don't think you have to take the nuclear option here.  
    • I have our COR saved as a contact in my phone, he shows up to events in uniform.  He is involved and even occasionally comes to committee meetings.  I brought this up to the CM last year and it went no where, and he is CC this year.  I am not sure what the deal is, but all of a sudden he is not open to any criticism of the guy.  I dont know if he is paying special attention trying to get him to perform his position better or what.  We are having one of those times of bad adult drama going on.  Believe me, it goes much deeper with this guy that just this one issue.  Very frustrating.
    • I will say this till I am blue in my face.  The COR is supposed to be involved! Yes, for many troops this is a ceremonial position that belongs to the CO and puts his name on some forms a few times a year.  That isn't the intended purpose.  The COR is supposed to be the official representative of the CO to make sure that the unit serves the purpose of the CO and represents them well.  If you have a situation where a Scouter might need to be removed he needs to be involved.  If you have a Unit Commissioner they can be a great source of advice as well.    
    • @greenreddew welcome to the forum and thank you for all you do for scouting!
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