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    • Get on board with the new order Scouter or you'll end up in reeducation summer camp!
    • Already done. My Arab speaking friends call it Dae'sh.
    • Sorry, I am trying to upload photos and had a problem.   There are still additional items that need to be purchased.  But our council does not want to spend the money or they don't have the money, or didn't budget for it.  Whatever. I can only do my part. I could get the rest of what I need for around $750.00.  That would include 2 extras of each alphabet/number set to replace missing letters and numbers that occasionally happen. I'll try to get some photos of the completed bins when I finish them. Let me know what you think. Dale Here is the pile of tools I sorted through:   Here is 1 set of the 3D stamps that each bin will have.       The following photos are the rest of the donation I am making tomorrow:          
    • I've been gathering leather tools for use in Scout and youth groups over the last few years.  I just got access to the leather tools that our council has for the Cub Scout Day Camps and for use by Leatherworking Merit Badge Counselors for classes.  They have 4 bins of tools.  Each is supposed to have enough for 20 scouts.   The idea being that the bins could be checked out for district events and merit badge events.  When I helped out with the merit badge at our "Mega Expo"  the bin contained 20 mallets, 3 of which were broken, 26 stamping boards, a rack containing 12 handle stamps, and about 15 3d stamps.  There were 6 alphabet sets, but only 1 was complete.    I went to the Scout office and got access to all the tools and found that over the years, multiple sets were checked out for a single event and when put away no effort was made to make sure the alphabet sets were organized back into complete sets.  In fact, the sizes were even mixed up with 3d stamps thrown in for good measure.  Fast forward a couple years and you get the situation I was just in.  I sat there most of the day and sorted and organized the tools.  Now in total there should be enough tools for 80 scouts to work with.  As it turned out, there are only 68 mallets, 26 I need to repair, less than 50 3d stamps and less that 2 racks of misc handle stamps.  And a bunch of those are damaged and will be thrown away.   So I went to my stash of leather tools and put together the following: Using 34 of the 3d stamps they already had, I added 206 additional stamps to make up 4 sets of 60 3d stamps for each bin.  Each set has the same stamps to make re-sorting easier in the future.  I also put together 4 sets of 27 handle stamps, each set the same,  for the bins also.   I had 30 handles for the 3d stamps that I included along with some extra racks and misc letters and numbers to complete their sets. I still need to find additional mallets along with purchasing 6 each of 3/8" and 1/4" alphabet/number sets and they should be set. Here is the pile of tools I sorted through:    
    • I was surprised at how many people got sucked up in the moment, given that it was a scout training event. It took me a while to figure out that was the point. In a way it was good because we were doing, rather than talking about it. Still, I would have preferred coming up with fun games teaching outdoor skills.
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