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    • It's a different country, a different starting point, and a different culture. If they have good reason to carry those things, and don't arouse the suspicions of the police, they don't get arrested. That's how the law works over here. No doubt you might find a few Daily Mail articles listing ridiculous examples of "outraged" plumber who gets their stanley knife confiscated, or even arrested, but that's the Daily Wail for you.  You need a "lawful reason" I think the expression is, to carry a bladed article. There may be exceptions for small penknives, I can't remember. At the moment I think there's some kind of gang turf war going on in some parts of London*, so there seems to be a lot of stabbings, funnily enough, the Mayor wants that to stop. * That probably 95% of residents, and 99.9999% of tourists won't ever notice. I always feel pretty safe walking around central London, even at night, even with my kids. We had no hesitation taking our Explorer Scouts up to London for a Monopoly Run, and them going round London on their own in groups without leaders. So I can, for example, carry a box of sheath knives in my car to a scout meeting, if I got stopped by the police, I could reasonably argue that I had a legitimate reason to be carrying them, and it would have to be a pretty jobsworth copper** that had taken against me to decide to confiscate them, or arrest me. If I wandered down my local high street with a machete strapped to my back, just because that's how I rolled, I could expect to have my collar felt. I'm pretty sure, on balance, most residents of the UK are happy with this arrangement. It's not "safe space hysterics" it's normal for the UK. ** That, by the way, won't be carrying a firearm, or have one in his car.
    • Also suggests Day Camps as a "typical Scouts BSA activity." Parlor Scouting got a tiny boost here.
    • Our Pack was selected to be the early adopter in our district of the Chief Seattle Council. Our only Den, a girls' Webelos Scout den, has a woman DL and a male ADL, who is also a parent, and Wood Badge grad. They have successfully completed their Webelos rank requirements in four months, and he council could not be happier.
    • GRRR... the previous language stated the online version was authoritative and  the pdf version was dated. Either way is fine but they really shouldn't flip the authoritative copy at a whim...
    • PDF has the new language.  The "online" still has the old language. This is the full PDF version that contains updates as of May 2018.  The online version will be updated shortly.   After June 1, 2018 you may refer to the online version for the most updated information.
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