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    • For some reason reading this exchange I've found myself humming a certain Monty Python song. All together now "I'm a lumberjack and I'm ok...."
    • We have some, well, we call them teepees, because it's easier, because everyone thinks they are teepees, and it would be tedious to explain it to every new person that sees them. We have some lavvus, in modern fabric, they are kind of like a bell tent with no walls, and one central pole. We can sleep up to about 8 in them. In theory you can have a wood-burning stove in them, but we're not usually brave enough to let the explorers do that. I have seen a few groups over here with german black jurte tents,  I try not to covet them as I go say hello, look in, and see a kitchen set up on one side, stores next to it, tables and benches for about 25 people on the other, and in winter a fire bowl in the middle. They always look cosy, but I can see it would be a beast to transport, dry, and store.
    • My Explorer post in the 1990s used 1 or 2 GP-mediums. 
    • My CC owns a couple teepees that we drag out for longer camping events. They take a solid hour to set up but they’re very weatherproof and can fit about ten to twelve people. They also gather a few oohs and aahs from onlookers. 
    • You had another thread on how to earn the Totin Chip outside of summer camp, correct?  I assume you are a Scout? There is no need to wait until May to earn the Totin Chip. Here are the official BSA requirements: https://www.scouting.org/programs/boy-scouts/advancement-and-awards/merit-badges/totin/ Read the tools section in the Boy Scout Handbook.  Then talk to your Patrol Leader, Troop Guide, or Instructor and ask how you can earn it in your troop.   If they don't know, ask your SPL.    
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