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    • So our Council Camps as many, did not open.  We attend 2 camps each summer, the out of council did not open.  Also our Philmont crew was cancelled. As I have noted, we took the go it alone, run your own camp route.  We are currently in camp (6 days and 5 nights) taking over the Pioneer area of a State Park maybe 45 minutes from us.  We have 24 Scouts, maybe 10 leaders.  We are offering some aquatics, mt biking, full slate of merit badges (21 different ones and small classes), new scout program.  In addition to the leaders we have some Eagle Scouts that have turned 18 assisting.  Also some of our alumni that worked at the local Council Camp have joined us for a few days. Each Scout was dropped off by parents.  They will be picked up same, no carpooling.  Each Scout has their own tent.  Meals are being delivered by parents on a schedule that would make the Normandy Invasion planning group proud.  Nightly activities, full flag ceremonies each day.  It is basically a very small summer camp. The State Park has been very helpful and all the parents have been most supportive.  It is a ton of work, but this will be the best Troop Run Summer Camp we have ever been to. (the Scouts made that statement when they realized it's the only one we've had). Special camp t-shirts, water bottle sticker, bottles of hand sanitizer spray, gloves for meal serving, 20 cases of bottled water so far (no communal drink coolers) and many other unique things. Scouting at it's most basic.    
    • I have been looking forward for 3 years to experience this with my son.  He has been fundraising for it delivering a lot of mulch.  It is really a depressing time. I am so very happy he got to experience World Jamboree last year.
    • Charter organization head can.  If a church, that's a pastor at the church or the church council.   CynicalScouter hit it on the head and addressed my main concern.  When people ask how to replace someone in the scouting structure, it's because of conflict in the unit or other problems.  I'd really invest in making connections, building friendships, getting to know people and seeing if you can encourage change in a friendly, constructive way ... as CynicalScouter said.  Always avoid power struggles.  They never work and people get damaged.  I'd also reflect on the assertion that the COR is not doing his job.  The job of a COR is pretty small and ideally, almost invisible.  Is it really the COR not doing the job or is there conflict in the unit and a vision that things could be different?  
    • The head of the chartered organization, referred to in Scouting literature as the "executive officer." These may sometimes be the same person. "The Chartered Organization Representative (COR), who will be appointed by the Chartered Organization." See the Chartered Organization Representative Guidebook. As for how, the only way I've seen it done has been to offer up a new person. Simply going to the Chartered Org itself or the EO thereof and complaining never, ever, ever works. What I have seen work is "Hey COR thanks for your service, would you be interested in letting so and so have a chance?" or easing the person out with a replacement already picked. Remember: the COR was put there by the Chartered Org. You have to in effect convince the Chartered Org was wrong in the first place or is wrong now to keep this person around AND that someone else is willing to step up. I know at lots of units whose COR remains only because no one else wants the position/is scared of the position.
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