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    • Erie Canal Historic Trail Medal, Patch and Hiking Medallion These are the updated requirements as of now... always subject to change/improvement. Awards/patches/medallions can be ordered via the Longhouse Council, attn: Hillcourt Museum  Purpose of this award is to raise awareness of our local history and the role that the Erie Canal played, not only in New York economy but in the Nation’s History.  Planning your adventure: The New York State Canal System offers some highly helpful guides to assist your unit or group in planning your adventure at canals.ny.gov. A free Canalway Water Trail Guidebook and Map Set can be ordered or downloaded at eriecanalway.org/watertrail.  Camping along the Erie Canal System: Information is available at https://www.canals.ny.gov/trails/camping.html  Requirements: for the Erie Canal Trail Medal: The patch and hiking medallion are available as souvenir purchases.  1: With your Troop or Patrol, plan to traverse at least 15 miles of the Erie Canal either by hiking, by bike, by boat, canoe or Kayak or a combination of each mode of transport. Keep a record of historic markers and locks that you pass. 15 miles to hike was chosen as it aligns with the Erie Canal Song and also with the Erie Canalway Challenge: Chec it out at: https://eriecanalway.org/explore/challenge.  2: Visit or pass through at least one lock. Learn about the present day traffic on the canal. Satisfy your leader that you understand how a lock works and why they were important.  3: Visit/tour the Erie Canal Museum in Syracuse or one or more of the many historic canal sites in the state.  4: Visit the Salt Museum in Syracuse either in person or virtually (https://video.wcny.org/video/insight-insight-012717/) at Onondaga Lake Park and learn how the Canal was important to the salt industry in Syracuse.  5: Discuss with your adult leader or partner the transformative effects of the Erie Canal on the past, present, and future of our country. If you are part of a group working on this award this may be a group discussion.  6: Write a report of no less than 200 words to explain what you learned about the canal and its historical importance as well as present day uses. Submit it to your unit leader for review. Optional requirement, post a video to YouTube or other social media of 2 minutes or more about your experience, what you learned and sharing shots of what you saw and did while earning the award.  7: It will be up to your unit leader to decide if you have met all of the requirements for this award.  The Erie Canal Trails Medal will be awarded for completion of the above requirements and the completion of at least a 15 mile distance along the canal.  There is no time limit or minimum # of hikes to reach 15 miles.  Applicants for these awards must be at least 10 years of age or in the 5th grade and not older than 18.  Hikes along the canal trail can be applied to the hiking merit badge and towards the completion of either the Historic Trails or 50 Miler Awards.  This Trail award is available to groups outside of the BSA and who must meet all of the same criteria assigned to BSA members and are subject to the approval of the William Hillcourt Museum Committee.  This program is an extension of the William Hillcourt Museum and the Longhouse Council BSA as a part of Central New York history within the service area of the Longhouse Council, BSA. Hiking, boating or cycling any part of the Canal Trail in or outside of the Council Service area will qualify for earning the award.  A Hiking Staff Medallion will be available for purchase to both youth and adult members and the public. There are no requirements to purchase the Historic Trails Hiking Medallion or patch, only for the medal.  Significance of the medal: Mule & Driver Statue - Erie Canal Museum - Syracuse, NY This bronze, life-size sculpture was created by artist Tom Tischler (1990) and commissioned by the Erie Canal Museum. It stands on Erie Blvd at the site of the original towpath across from the 1850 Weighlock building. The statue is a memorial to the young boys (mule drivers) and mules who made travel on the Erie Canal possible. Mules and hoggees worked on the canal pulling canal boats along the waterway in six hour shifts around the clock, seven days a week. The Erie Canal Museum is located at 318 Erie Blvd East in Syracuse, NY. Mr. Tischler is an Eagle Scout.
    • It happened earlier this week. Our council sold its primitive camp for their contribution to the fund. This was an established camp with many shops, other buildings, trails, and organized campsites. I was a member of the maintenance committee. Over many years, we built all of these facilities. Over 40 strong of mostly retired unit leaders that still wanted to contribute to scouting. Over 500 acres of rolling hills and woods. Six ponds to fish out of, and frontage on a recreational lake. My troop had a favorite waterfront campsite where I could launch my boat right off the shore. All of the aquatic merit badges were taught there. This was a former farm that grew tobacco, then cows and horses. The family surprisingly donated this farm to our council after the last family member passed away a long time ago. I'll have the memories of course, but this has affected many scouts, former scouts, leaders, and former leaders. This was a great camp at a perfect location. The fellowship was amazing. Helped me a lot during covid. The council said that it was the only liquid asset it had to raise our contribution. We begged to differ. We even made a competitive bid, but the developer's was bigger. Bigger wins. It's over with of course. It's done. The council wanted our maintenance crew to go out and support the council's "real" camp. But it's located many miles to the west of us. For the record, they've never had a dedicated volunteer maintenance crew out there, but have three paid staff employees.   We understand the council has to make the required payment. I, of course, recognize my council had abuse problems over the many years. It's serious and complicated. As the former maintenance committee members go our separate ways, I am reminded of these words; "softly falls the light of day, as our campfire fades away..................................................." Take care,   sst3rd  
    • No, that's not scout led, that's "scout figure-head puppet"  and I promise the scouts can see the difference.  Even in a brand new troop, the counseling and advice should be coming from adults either before or after the meeting or activity in the form of a "what worked, what didn't" style conversation, unless something is going seriously off the rails of course.
    • @ynot Can you find the march membership numbers you referred to? thanks.
    • Councils in open states like California are going to pay, whether through BSA bankruptcy or through their own.  It's probably prudent to get that liquidity lined up.
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