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    • The Trustee of BSA Settlement Trust, the Honorable Barbara J. Houser, grants motion of 60 day deadline extension for Direct Abuse Claimants to elect the Independent Review Option pursuant to the Trust Distribution Procedures (TDP) under the Third Modified Fifth Amended Chapter 11 Plan of Reorganization (With Technical Modifications) for Boy Scouts of America and Delaware BSA, LLC, D.I. 10296 (the “Plan”). The new deadline is Dec 18, 2023. https://casedocs.omniagentsolutions.com/cmsvol2/pub_47373/a6af9ba9-0b96-4a09-bcce-2a40ab33c409_11514.pdf  
    • That website is localized and I believe a Massachusetts based program. What I have heard rumblings about is a BSA national wide program called Catalyst BSA which is targeted at "scouts" in their 20s and 30s. Do other countries have adult scouting programs that BSA might have been looking at to extend the program longer/continue to grow membership revenue?
    • This looks like a district or council-level weekend day camp set up for you to bring your Scouts to have them work on requirements instead of you having to construct your own program. Sort of a "we provide the program, you bring your Scouts" offering.  Which is just another dilution of Scouting, IMO...  
    • A few comments.   1. be prepared to leave as the COR can do anything they want. grant you they are doing too much and really should be a support role. 2.. While I am a fan of troop ceremonies, my troop growing up had a standardized ECOH script, they need to be flexible. MY father was out of the picture when I got Eagle, but my Godfather was a big support, and he got the dad pin. 3. If you go the ECOH on your own, be prepared to pay the financial cost, as well as the emotional cost. It will cause issues with the COR. 4. A cheap way to go for initiations is  to create a photo invite and print locally, or using a certain national online vendor.  One Eagle I know figured out that as a member of the online provider, it was cheaper for him to mail individual photos  via them. But a lot of $0.27 charges on the credit card. 5. I do not know who gets the eagle credentials. If he gets them and tries to hold them up, you can get replacement credentials though the Scout Shop. You will need some info, i.e. full name on application, date of EBOR, etc to have it verifies and sent to you. I had to get a replacement packet. 6. While I do not like what this troop did, It may help in this situation.  Troop used another person's credentials to buy an eagle kit in order to have all their eagles presented at their annual eagle COH. This troop does one per year, it is a MASSIVE deal, and while confirmation is in SCOUTBOOK, it does take time to get the credentials. More later.
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