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    • What we really have here is a bevy of groups with different, yet sometimes aligned, goals: 1.  Abused Scouts who are seeking justice 2. Fake abused Scouts trying to get a score money. 3. Lawyers who are genuinely concerned for their clients in seeking justice 4. Lawyers who are trying score money. 5.  BSA Corporate types who want to preserve the organization, and genuinely care about abused Scouts, and are seeking some way to address both. 6.  BSA Corporate types who want to preserve the organization at all costs, don't care about abused Scouts, and will say or do anything to make the organization look good. 7.  Volunteers (the real lifeblood of the organization), who are saddened by the situation, and want this dealt with appropriately so we can "heal" and continue delivering a quality program. and this list goes on and on and on...
    • The CDC has issued some guidelines.  As I stated in a previous post, most youth serving programs are providing pretty similar rules these days.  Broadly: no one on one contact, background checks, mandated reporting of violations, no corporal punishment, constructive discipline, no tolerance for humiliation or bullying, etc. I have a problem both with overly restrictive rules from BSA and units that don't bother following them.  While realizing that not all slopes are slippery, when you have the view that I don't have to follow this rule about lazer tag it becomes a little easier for someone with less judgment to decide not to follow the two deep leadership rule "just this once."  I don't think there's anything wrong or dangerous about lazer tag, but I also think there are 1000 other fun thigs you can do so why bother do the one that's prohibited.  Dodge ball seems sketchier to me.  As both a youth and adult I've seen it lead to bad outcomes: bigger, more skillful kids throwing an object at smaller, less skillful kids just makes it too easy for things to go wrong, through either negligence or malice. BSA should be more careful about the restriction's they impose, and much much more transparent about why.  When their rules either are arbitrary, or seem arbitrary because they aren't well explained, they lead to the situation I described where it becomes easier to ignore both the dumb ones and the important ones.   https://www.cdc.gov/violenceprevention/pdf/preventingchildsexualabuse-a.pdf
    • That's still nowhere near the variety that Philmont offers.  It's fun, I agree, but Philmont has a much richer environment.  
    • I almost don't know where to start with this, because it seems like I am repeating myself, ad nauseam. I'll try: 1) I'm not part of any "group trying to sue the BSA." Never tried. Never initiated. Never thought about it until all of this blew up however many years ago. I wanted to put a man in jail, take his house and assets and reputation, then burn down the house, sell the property and assets and give it all to a child protection charity. It's just little ol' me representing myself; 2) You don't know what, if anything, I continue to do or don't do in support of Scouting. Might want to read into that, as may be appropriate;  3) I did not initiate this campaign to do "equity" by all survivors of past abuse in Scouting. I was minding my own business and trying to manage my life, such as it was, when this blew up in my face. It set off a train wreck of a year wrought with months and months of darkness I won't go into, not the least of which was 4.5 months of research and documentation creating the materials to submit my Proof of Claim; 4) Neither I nor the other sexual abuse survivor claimants forced Mosby or Turley to make the promises that were made and repeated about their motives, goals, intentions and heartfelt sorrow;  and 5) To say that I/we/they/whoever are trying to get as "much money from Scouting as possible" is a non-statement, and uses your 'only two camps' assertion lumping everyone together. It's neither accurate nor helpful. What does "as possible" even mean? What the formula is, I don't know, but what has been offered, and the way it was done, is nothing short of shameful.        
    • O what a tangled web we weave when we don't add 1/3 of a week to the end of each month. ;)
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