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    • I prefer PDF documents as it effectively looks and feels like a book.  Professional.  Illustrations.  Cover page.  Index.  Table of contents.  Cross references.  Searchable.  Most importantly, printable into a real document.  
    • Lots of old names in this thread, back when Scouter.com was a lot more "interesting"...I know Old Grey Eagle is now with the Great Master of all Scouts.  I miss the old days.  
    • Welcome to the forum, @Neckstock. What lads and where are you from?
    • Back in the 90s my scout group decided to go the other direction. We found a pretty giant store of vintage uniforms in the church our group was based on and got outfitted with the 50s style uniforms. We wore them for weekly meetings, camps, parades and public events. We really stood out and it actually ended up attracting more lads because looked more hardcore and switched on, even with wedge caps..it was a bit difficult to maintain to get replacement pieces but we kept it up for about 4 years.
    • Yep. And oversee a $500,000-$1,000,000 budget and 8-12 employees (assume a mid-size Council). For $43,000 a year.
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