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    • Assuming that these experienced parents will continue volunteering,  it sounds like mostly what you need is more girls -- who will likely come with inexperienced but willing to help out parents. Anecdotes are just that -- but in our troop we have no Venturers, no highschoolers, and no crossovers from cub scouts.   Only 6th-8th graders.  (Our area did not have early-adopter cub packs.)       And yes,  about half the girls in the troop are there because they were invited by a friend who was already planning to join the troop. If you want to be sure that the new local girls' troop is conveniently at your CO (and not in the next town) you might not want to wait a year and a half.    Do any of the Cub Scouts or Boy Scouts have sisters (age 11 and up) interested in scouts?   Has anyone asked?   (All the troops/packs in our school district did this for us, and yes it turned up girls.)  And if the interested 11-14-year old girls only have dads willing to camp, and not moms willing to camp,  you could consider double-registering with the new girls troop, and occasionally camping with them.  
    • Our council banned this skit a few years back citing that it glorified bullying and hazing both of which are not allowed in scouts. My guys (cubs and scouts) used to loved JC Penney and centa-peed. They can't do them anymore. It's ashame adults have to ruin kids fun. Kids think bodily functions are hilarious, too bad the up tight PC adults won't let kids be kids. We're raising a generation of hypersensitive kids, I'm scared of the thought of these soon to be adults running the world in my old and grey days. 
    • We are in the midst of a start-up of a major nationwide roll-out of a new youth organization.  Fortunately we do not need to master a new program or operating techniques.  What we do need to do is use our wits and negotiating skills with fellow volunteers on these basic implementation matters.  Our discussion regarding equipment is a great illustration and is easier to deal with than some of the other issues because it deals with easily understood "hard objects".  Because this is a start-up, and because there are infinitely different fact variations (boy troops with a lot of assets, boy troops with no resources, girl troops with nothing, girl troops comprised largely of members who have brothers in the boy troop and all are close friends, girl troops with a financial backer, etc.), there are and cannot be any standard rules of how to approach things.  I believe the best approach is to convent a good meeting with the policymakers at the CO and the Troop leadership.  I would not put this into the hands of a broad parent group. Folks like Ranman who have not yet fully sorted-out their personal views on the welcome to girls into our program are good people who might prefer hard rules, but know that we just have to do our best at being open people of good faith in this circumstance.  If we are open and approach these decisions with a generous spirit, we will get through this start-up in fine shape.  With some exception, Troop equipment is not really expensive.  So, this is really a matter of understanding how to manage and respect our assets.   We do need to be prepared to approach those who are not yet supporters with a generous spirit.  They reasonably want to protect and well-manage Troop property.  When they see girl Troops treat these items with respect and girl Troop Committees joining in to maintain funding and provide volunteer service, they will have reason to look favorably on girls in Scouts BSA.
    • @Onslow, welcome to scouter dot com!
    • Agreed. Earlier this year I had the opportunity to attend a speaking event with Dr. Kevin Elko. He spoke to how our culture has morphed into one where people get irrationally offended at the drop of a hat. Let the kids have some fun.
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