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    • They are weighing their options.  What would you have them say differently?
    • As Mark Twain said "reports of my death are greatly exaggerated." There are something like 2,000,000 youth enrolled in BSA programs today.  Over 99,000 units as well . The BSA is far from being on it's last legs and it's demise is not imminent.  Out district and others around us have seen growth in the last two years. It's convenient to say "the leadership of the BSA is incompetent."  I would argue that if anything, the leadership of the BSA in the past few years has been bold and is showing leadership to build the organization and make it stronger."  Yes the BSA is losing the LDS church.  It was a misapplication of the Scouting program to align it as the youth program for one faith.  The leadership made the bold move to invite girls to join.  They are being proactive and trying to set the organization up for the future. My opinion is that the pessimism we see here on the forum has more to do with people who dislike recent choices by the BSA looking for opportunities to be critical of the program. When the founders of Scouting started the program, there were not 2,000,000 members and almost 100,000 units.  They believed in the program and built it up.  They didn't bemoan the policies of the BSA, they make Scouting in their communities fun.  
    • "Please know that these matters continue to have the full attention of the highest levels of our organization, and we will communicate transparently as there are developments or updates to share." From the vague letter they emailed me this afternoon, if this is their idea of transparency, we are in trouble.
    • Just a reminder, Chapter 11 bankruptcy is not the end of a company or program.  It is a restructure of debt and finances.  I don't think the scouting program will go away.  Now on how national works its finances, that is a different story. 
    • ItsBrian, I was holding my breath hoping you'd find your copy somewhere. Glad it worked out. We're very proud of all of your hard work and dedication to the program, that got you to this point. Rock that EBOR. Congratulations, sst3rd
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