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    • Isn't civic action just actions at a larger scale? If all decisions are based from the Scout Law, then all actions are likely servant. I think what qwazse is saying (I could be wrong) is that the GSUSA shouldn't be encouraging scouts to act toward any specific (GSUSA sponsored) issue because they could have a different perspective locally. Teach the scouts to be responsible and learn all the specifics of the issue, any issue and they will make the right decision on this one.  Barry
    • The best recent picture I could quickly find of our troop's trailer.  It's approximately 25 years old and the frame was custom built by a local metal fabricator.   The rest of the trailer is mostly wood, designed and mostly built by our long time committee chair.   It has a "kitchen" side, a "gear" side, and the back area is for general storage.    Was originally painted a light green, with nice scouts graphics, chartered org. info etc.   But after about 20 years that had faded pretty badly so  the wood was sealed with a white wash.   Still haven't gotten around to repainting, for a number of reasons.
    • I think this article is in line with their no uniform policy. Girls complained about their terribly regressive and unpractical uniforms and instead of modernizing, GSUSA got rid of uniforms. They think other organizations should/would listen and respond in a similar fashion.    I wouldn’t be surprised if you’re seeing this surface again because GSUSA thinks no uniforms/no dress code is a selling point when compared to BSA. I remember complaining up a storm every time I had to put on my brown skirt and tights with the ugly orange bow tie 🤢completely different than my daughter who thought her blue uniform was awesome and is jumping at the bit to go to  the bsa shop and get her tan and green. I’m sure the thinking is girls hated our uniforms therefor they’ll hate all uniforms.      
    • It would seem that the philosophical question is - "who is responsible for the sexualitzation of girls bodies?"  Is it the girls who wear revealing clothes, or is it the boys who respond to the girls choice of clothing?  I imagine that most people would say - both.  It probably also leads to a more general discussion of appropriate vs. inappropriate clothing and how the determiniation of what is appropriate is made.  You could even then bring in a historical context - i.e., there was a time is was a scandal to see a woman's ankles.  Now, no-one thinks twice about it. I'd agree with @qwazse - you want to focus on both.  For me, I think we want to get Scouts thinking about how they make their own determination of what is right and wrong.  Once they decide right and wrong, what they do with that knowledge is the big question.  Ultimately, deciding what to do is a big part of leadership.   
    • This is what we did when our troop got to about 80 scouts. A troop in our district of 120 scouts showed us the advantages of using multiple smaller 6X8 trailers. The trailers can be pulled by mini vans if need. We are a back packing troop, so we encourage the patrols to take their own gear, mostly back packs if they can. If they can't their patrol QM contacts the Troop QM to request space in the trailer. The Troop QM is trained and responsible for the trailers, including keys. We typically only need one trailer to haul gear like troop tents, patrol tubs, shovels and dutch ovens. Mostly gear the patrols don't use on the trail. The real advantage of small multiple trailers is duri ng multiple troop activities. We do a lot of high adventure, so I is nice to having multiple trailers, especially with at least one smaller trailer that minivan can pull. Barry
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