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    • Yeah, I don't know what we'll do if it's that high.  We're a family of five, and all of us are in scouting.  Hubby just agreed to be an ASM for the troop, as nearly a quarter of our scouts - and therefore their dads - will age out after this year.  Our troop pays for adults, or at least they have.  I don't think our troop can absorb that cost if it tops $50.  Maybe our crew and our troop can split my registration cost, lol. Then you have the new cash-grab requirement that all Eagle projects must have two registered adults present.  Prior this, we were debating having the Eagle candidate's parents register.  Might have been a tough sell, even before the increase.  What a mess.
    • I am told that my council will no longer allow Scouts to photograph turning in Eagle project books and applications because people have taken photos , and then the counci loses them.
    • 🤷‍♀️ I've heard of this several times from several different avenues (email from both National and Council, seen it shared several times on Facebook, etc.).  I don't know yet whether my daughter (4th grade) will wear her uniform to school tomorrow. It's a decision she needs to make for herself. She initially said she would. She's prone to changing her mind though.  I made sure the girls in our Troop knew about it. Don't have any idea whether they are going to participate or not.  I'm not pushing the issue. I guess we'll see what happens. 
    • With all of the District, Council & National emails that I get, I have not gotten one about this.  I'm not on FB, or any other traditional social media, so if that's where it's advertised, I won't see it. We had our Troop meeting tonight and nothing was mentioned at all about it. 
    • I don’t get ScoutingWire, but I do get Bryan on Scouting, who didn’t mention it. Great communications coordination!
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