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    • I'm just wondering what the advantage of bylaws would be. I got a box of papers from one of the previous pack leaders. I think theres some papers in there that claim to be bylaws, but I don't think anyone in the pack currently has read them.
    • Along with #3 is to join a Sea Scout ship. I am not sure what the right answer is.
    • Sounds great.  BTW - didn't mean to suggest you were not doing these things.  It's just that these are things I found helpful.  In fact that you're doing them may be why your the CC FWIW - I'm not a big fan of Facebook for Scouting communications.  Since Facebook is essentially an "opt in" system, people have to go check it.  I find that email in this era to be more like a commercial.  People get them on their phones now, see the emails come and and then register they saw something on that topic. One of thing about email that a Troop Committee Member taught me was - one email per subject.  If you have 6 things to announce, send 6 emails.  People tend to scan email subjects and so are more likely to respond to:
      "Campout signup deadline tomorrow - Wednesday August 21" than
      "Pack updates for the week of 8/20" We did look at Scoutbook for emails - but decided to build our own Google group for emails.  Google works really well for us.  The pack sees about 10-15 emails a month on the Google group.  Our troop is at 50-75 a month.  While that seems like a lot, we almost never have parents complain about the volume.  To go back to the original topic though - I think this is why we don't need things like bylaws.  We push out information at a level where parents really understand what is going on and how things work.    
    • Other than the email, that is all I do each meeting. We have a Pack FB group that we post events on. We have parents stay for announcements along with posting them in the group and texting out as we need. I am hoping that with Scoutbook, I will not be able to send out a weekly email like I do for my GS troop with upcoming things, deadlines, and schedule.
    • I wonder if the intent with the Blastcars was to provide a source of parts for someone building their own model: i.e. axles, wheels, eyelets, etc...   It might be an easier source of parts if the Scout in question doesn't have access to a fully stocked hobby shop where they could get what they need for their own model.
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