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    • I know at least a few years ago a council SE could wave the 5 Scout minimum to recharter. If I remember right you had to have at least 3. This was done on a case by case basis and is up to each individual SE to allow it or not.  
    • How about a little Christmas present for our post-sudden-fee-increased, membership-stressed units? Not uncommon these days. A troop is below the 5 scout recharter minimum. Current options: recruit more  scouts. Yeah, like they have not been trying? An extension would be helpful. disband, leave town, and join another troop 5, 10, 20 miles down the road. I would sooner stay in my town with another youth group,  likely parents would prefer less shuttle-duty. Why not keep your Smallville troop and occasionally join the Metropolis troop down the road on outings? become Lone Scouts in your community leave BSA From our Tulsa,Oklahoma office: https://www.tulsaworld.com/communities/wagoner/news/coweta-boy-scout-troop-needs-members-to-keep-charter/article_6a1372c7-5340-5aaa-b4d2-71fd831b53d3.html My $0.02,
    • To add to Ian's comments, I too find it hard to recognise the UK that article depicts. Like Ian as well I am lucky. I live in Cambridge. A relatively small city at approx 160K local residents and around 30K students, and also a very wealthy area, but an urban area nonetheless. And I can say there is not a single street or area that I would feel in any way unsafe visiting. There are perhaps 2 or 3 streets where, should I find myself walking through them at 2am, I would keep my wits about me and not wave my wallett or phone around, but nowhere feels unsafe. Some of our larger cities do have some more dangerous areas. Nottingham, for a while at least, had some dangerous areas. Manchester has one or two areas I would steer clear of. Nevertheless these are exceptions and I don't know of anyone that feels generally unsafe. There has been a rise in violent crime in recent years. Yet these are percentage point changes in what are already very low numbers. Some of our more shouty newspapers keep going on about "Wildwest Britian" but this is a picture I don't recognise. There have been some terrible tragedies, the Jodie Chesney murder earlier this year was particularly shocking, yet these are still isolated incidents in the bigger picture. Fact is that on Thursday evening, when scouts has finished, me and the other leaders will go for a beer at a pub called the Carlton Arms. In theory the Carlton is on a street that has a high crime rate as the UK goes. I can tell you I will think nothing of walking up and down that street. As for these calls to ban pointy knives, it has no momentum behind it at all. Find an absurd suggestion, any absurd suggestion, look hard enough and you'll find someone arguing for it. It doesn't mean it will happen. There are people in this country who believe the earth is flat. Says it all really.
    • I don't even know where to start with that lot. Do you really think I should take seriously a text that describes our national religion as an "officially sponsored religious franchise"? It's a libertarian magazine, of course its opinion pieces are going to suggest that tightening up laws is nonsense. Anyway, honestly? The church is not the force it was. That they all signed a letter asking to take the pointy bits off of knives, doesn't mean it'll be enshrined in law tomorrow, doesn't mean politicians will take any notice. Too busy trying to get elected and leave/stay in the EU. It's setting up a straw man. Let's take a fact in the first paragraph, that the murder rate in London exceeded that of New York City? Why pick New York City? Is it because they're both iconic? Or because it handily comes firmly in the bottom third of homicide rates in US cities*? Is it fair to compare those two? Oh, wait, wikipedia to the rescue again, more murders in London for one month. Woo.** When you actually look over a period of time, London is safer than an already pretty safe New York.  If you want to take that opinion piece seriously, best of British to you, but I don't recognise the UK it depicts, maybe I'm just lucky***. I'm assuming two people getting stabbed to death in London only made the news because there was great footage of the perp getting tusked, and the magic words "islamic terrorist". * https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_United_States_cities_by_crime_rate ** https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crime_in_London *** I am lucky.
    • Anyone remember filmstrips and records...advance one frame when you heard the beep...
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