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Wood Badge and adult leader training

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    • I think duty rosters are the way to go. It is the only way to show everyone that the distribution of responsibilities is fair.    As for rank, I think the rate of achievement is really limited by 2 factors. The enthusiasm of the Scout, and the ability of the Scouts parents to facilitate. If you have a go getter on your hands that is focusing only on Scouting, and the parents are making it happen for the Scout; totally realistic for the Scout to rank up to 1st Class in their first year at the Troop level. I think a properly trained AOL should be able to rank up to Tenderfoot in 2 months; almost everything for the Scout rank and Tenderfoot rank are things that Scout should have learned as a Webelos.  
    • This is a wild one. I don't think I have enough information to really say what I think happened. If I were investigating this I would want to question any adults that witnessed the initial situation. I would also want to question any adults that witnessed the follow up interaction between the camp master and the SM.   I read the response of the district and council as they didn't give a flying F and are now not participating. I just can't believe that; I'm reading this as a YPT scenario during the largest YPT lawsuit in the history of our country. That dog don't hunt. There is a huge part of this story that is not getting posted here.  As for the pink shirt issue that started this. The Troop made the mistake of allowing this to happen by not having a declared Troop color for the uniform of the day when not in the field uniform. In my opinion all fault for that will fall on the committee for not having a uniformity rule in place; they never should have allowed shirts of any color in the first place. Part of the methods of Scouting is uniformity; the committee failed on that issue. As to the OP being fired. Scouters serve at the discretion of the CC with authority derived from the COR. No vote is needed, no escalation of privilege's is required. Per the BSA district and council training program any person who has the authority to secure you as a volunteer/hire you, has in turn the authority to terminate your service.  In regards to the committee pursuing an investigation or whatever they were calling it. I think they absolutely can do that as long as they are not obstructing the investigation of higher offices in the BSA. I think the COR can do whatever he wants without regard to the BSA investigation; the COR has a primary responsibility to the CO.  My recommendation for actions moving forward are to find a new Troop. Don't feel bad about your time invested in the old Troop, try and frame this mentally the same way that you would have if your family changed Troops due to a job change. You have made your complaints from district to national, keep your records and let district through national do their thing.   
    • `When we had in person training sessions and Pow Wow training sessions I believe more volunteers understood how to put out a quality program for the kids. Most units lack a knowledgeable commissioner that can assist them. When a Pack is well led the kids/families stay. To be a gold standard unit a pack can drop 25% or more of their membership... 25 x 6 years and you get the picture. nothing left by AOL year. We need to restore quality at all levels of Cubbing and see that the program experiences beyond just the rank requirements grow with the cubs. 
    • No more like, Venturing is now part of OA, and it gives the Scouts something more to reach for to want to be in the OA. 
    • A lot of good comments so far. It is tough to add; however, I think the top issue is that most Scouters have no idea how the program is supposed to run. I think the next highest issue is that Packs don't have a Scouter Reserve; parents move up and out, and forget that the Pack they are leaving behind is supporting the Troop that they just moved to, and if that Pack dies, little Johnny won't have lower ranked Scouts to lead when he gets elected to SPL.
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