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Wood Badge and adult leader training

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    • As with any bully, the solution is simple. Ignore her.  Do not respond to any of her emails on this subject. If she confronts you in person, simply tell her kindly and calmly "the issue is already decided." Do not offer up any other explanation, do not attempt to satisfy her demands, do not engage with her on this matter at all. She has absolutely no right nor authority nor legitimate reason to make any of these demands on you nor your son, so just let her scream and holler till her voice is hoarse and she collapses in frustration. These people always tend to dig their own graves, so don't waste your time trying to help with the process. DO make sure you are not condescending nor patronizing about it though; the more polite and civil you are during this episode, the more control you will have over the discussion. And your goal is to eliminate the discussion entirely. Kill her with kindness, and don't give her an inch. Sometimes, the biggest victories are won from the battles you choose not to fight. 
    • wow! Yes, Yes, and happened now 7 months later
    • That's in theory how the program is supposed to run. Boy Scouting age 11-14, Venturing 14-age out. As other's have said, if you're going to run your unit(s) that way, you need to go all in. Venturing is about leadership, and the youth really drive that program, even more so than boy scouts. A crew really is a separate unit from the Scout troop.  What you're really looking for is engaging your older Scouts. @Eagledad talks about better in his posts than I ever can. I wrote out multiple paragraphs, and they were basically saying the same thing Eagledad was, just longer and less concise. This paragraph in particular jumped out to me:
      It's really easy in theory. It's hard in practice. Most Scouters know that it's a program designed to teach Scouts character and leadership, by allowing them to be with their friends, camp in the outdoors, work on service projects, challenge themselves and develop their troop/patrol. So why is this so hard? Well, because it's unnatural. Scouts don't always have the leadership skills or the camping skills and need to be trained and developed. Adults are also often missing those skills, and are supposed to mentor and coach youth to have those skills, some of which they don't have either. In short it comes down to training/coaching (this often is informal rather than formal) the older scouts, listening to them about what they want to achieve for the troop, and giving them the support for them to lead. Part of why older boys flock to Sports and band and ditch scouts is that many scout troops never leave stage 1 or 2. The program becomes about advancing 11-12 year olds, and the older boys aren't allowed to take the lead on the program and challenge their skills and leadership, so they go find something more challenging.  So we're back to my original question @AltadenaCraig. We have these training curriculum for Scouters, but getting a youth lead, patrol method troop still seems to be alluding us. Where's the gap and how can we fill it? Maybe we're all overthinking things to some extent. It's hard to give advice for other people's troops, because I don't know your Scouts or their parents. 

      Happy to give my two cents if you think of something.     
    • A few questions. Did the SM at the time of election approve his name to be on the ballot? Apparently Yes. Was he elected by his peers to be a candidate? Apparently Yes. He needs to go through his Ordeal, and teh SM has no say at this point. He was approved and elected.   I had to deal with a similar situation once. SM approved a Scout, thinking he would not get elected. Scout got elected, and when  the election team told the SM, he want berserk demanding that the name be removed. I had to intervene and I had to leave because he went beserk and was cursing me out. He followed me and the team to my car and was yelling at use while I was driving away.    
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